Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Island

(July 26) The Island is a domestic thriller featuring Huo Siyan (Fok Sze-Yan) and Liu Hua. Lam Suet, Sek Tian-Lung and Yung Cheung (Rong Xiang)  costar in the film directed by Feng Chao (Royal Tattoo) to be released September 3.
Director Feng Chao

Huo Siyan

Liu Hua

Poster unveiling

Huo Siyan

Lam Suet

Yung Cheung (Rong Xiang)

Liu Hua, Lam Suet, Yung Cheung

Huo Siyan, Liu Hua

Sek Tian-Lung

Sek Tian-Lung (in white)

Sek Tian-Lung gave a nunchuku demonstration


(Xinhua), (Sina), (qq)

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