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7.28.2010 - News

Curse of the Deserted poster
Directed by Law Chi-Leung (Lo Chi-Leung)
Kitty Zhang Yuqi

Shawn Yue

Curse of the Deserted - Gossip Edition poster

Shawn Yue

Zhang Yimou

"I can not wait for you one year and one month, and I can not wait until you are 20 years old, but I will wait for you forever ... ..." (from the opening page of the novel)
Yesterday's announcement that Love of the Hawthorn Tree would be released in September and not during the Spring Festival was an unexpected surprise. Did Zhang Yimou blink against the competion of Chen Kaige's  Zhao's Orphan, Jiang Wen's Let the Bullets Fly, Wong Kar-Wai's The Grand Master, and Feng Xiaogang's If You Are the One 2? Still, he will have to face Detective Dee, Fist of Legend: Return of Chen Zhen and Reign of Assassins in the fall. In comparison, the arts and letters Hawthorn looks weak in comparison. (Xinhua)  (Sina-April stealth set photos)
A TV version of Love of the Hawthorn Tree begins shooting in August. (Sina), 2

Variety: Gallants
Two over-the-hill kung fu fighters sitting around a teahouse, waiting for their master to awaken from a 30-year coma, hardly sounds like the stuff of side-splitting comedy. But the pair in question, charismatic '70s Hong Kong martial-arts legends Bruce Leung and Chen Kuan-tai, keep the drollery bubbling nicely in "Gallants!," bestirring their arthritic joints to kick younger, nastier ass. The sudden awakening of their diminutive, dictatorial master, unaware of the passage of time, ups the antics exponentially as Teddy Robin happily steals the show.

Director Arvin Chen has delivered one enjoyable feature debut. With smart, economical dialogue and snappy editing, this movie has just the right amount of empathy for all the players in this ensemble flick.

More "Restored Treasures" to screen at HK Film Archive
The HKFA will continue to screen a restored film on the first Sunday of every month, featuring a mix of works from Hong Kong and abroad. Chor Yuen's "Cold Blade" is a film of great importance as it marks the turning point in the career of the great director. Chor had enjoyed a successful career in Cantonese cinema.

THR: Records tumble on 'Aftershock' opening weekend
FBA: Giant screen BO for Aftershock
IMAX screens in China clocked up an exceptional $640,000 over the weekend with their screenings of Feng Xiaogang’s Aftershock.

Sheng Wenjie
Aftershock MV, theme song, '23 seconds, 32 years' sung by Sheng Wenjie. (Xinhua)

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei appearing at health drink endorsement event in Beijing.
She would not confirm working on Painted Skin 2 or signing with Polybona, a switch from Huayi Brothers. Zhao Wei only said that she would resume filmmaking in two months. (Xinhua-slide show)
CRI: Zhao Wei Announces New Film, Not 'Painted Skin 2'

CRI: Latest Stills of "All about Love" (Ann Hui)
"All About Love" featuring Vivian Chow, Sandra Ng and William Chan tells a cradle-snatcher's love story.

John Woo will play Lin Sen

Lin Sen

CRI: John Woo Signs on to Act in CPC Anniversary Film

CRI: Horror Film "The Island" Holds Press Conference
The film tells a story of a billionaire who sets up a deadly game on an island in Southeast Asia in an attempt to save his son who is in need of a heart transplant. He picks up 7 Asians from different areas, but only one of them can survive. The seven people have to go through five obstacles testing their bravery and wisdom in order to survive.
CRI: 7 Scenes from Film "Reign of Assassins" Released

A short article speculates that Faye Wong's 10 concert 100 million yuan payday is to fix her husband's cash flow problem with his 3D online game venture. (Xinhua)

Tang Wei: "a good foundation, skin a bit dry"

Photo essay: This photo gallery inspects, up close, up the nose, the pores of your favorite celebrities and makes random snarky remarks: Tang Wei, Sandra Ng, A-Mei, Lin Chi-Ling, Wang Lee Hom, Richie Jen, Jane Zhang, Liu Yifei, Faye Wong, et al. (Xinhua-slide show)

Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam): Before/after photos to 'prove' boob-job speculation. (Xinhua)

Li Bingbing and Tony Blair

Li Bingbing

Tony Blair, founder of The Climate Group met with Li Bingbing, UN Environmental Ambassador in Shanghai. (Xinhua)

Allowed at ACGHK
Transformers (seibertron)

Not allowed
Jessica C.

Jessica C.

Chrissie Chau
Chrissie Chau 
from Weibo (microblog)

HKStandard: `No comic capers' warning as teen models draw another ban
The ban on so-called teen models holding sexy promotions at the Book Fair has been extended to the annual Animation- Comic-Games Festival which begins on Friday.
Organizers have told pseudo-models Chrissie Chow Sau-na and Jessica C they will not be able to take part in a Microsoft promotion, though they will be allowed to enter the event as visitors...
According to one report, Chow and Jessica C were informed on Monday they would not be allowed to take part in a Microsoft online sports game promotion on the first day of the fair...
The models are allowed to attend as visitors, the spokeswoman said, adding: "If they cause chaos they will be asked to leave."

Latest book sales tallies (Sina)
Angelababy has replaced Namie Amuro in Japan as Sassoon's spokesperson
(Ooh, la la, Sassoon!)

Wearing one-of-a-kind Christian Louboutin red crystal red high heels
SG: Lee Hom raises a storm
However, due to the sheer number of people at the event and the lack of space, two reporters had a tussle over standing positions and stage crew had to allocate extra space to alleviate the tension...The troubles did not end there.
Southern Entertainment Weekly cover with Carina Lau (Xinhua)

In one of the photos, Lau was resting her chin on Jing's shoulder while the 39-year-old billionaire had his hand on her thigh, sparking rumours that Lau, 44, and Jing, who is reportedly a married man, were more than friends.
The actress was even reported to have eschewed spending time with husband, Hong Kong actor Tony Leung on their second wedding anniversary on July 21, to be with Jing in Beijing.

The weeklong Hong Kong Book Fair closed yesterday with a record 920,000 visitors but with mixed fortunes at the cash register for exhibitors.

Hong Kong's most infamous tour guide Li Hau-chun broke down in tears yesterday as she apologized for bringing the tourist trade into disrepute with a seven- minute rant at a group of mainland tourists that was secretly filmed and went viral on the internet and TV. 

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