Thursday, July 29, 2010

7.29.2010 - News

Variety: Aftershock
Stunning special effects are wedded to potent family drama in "After Shock," Feng Xiaogang's heartrending depiction of the impact of the massive 1976 earthquake that killed more than 240,000 in Tangshan, China.
CRI: Film Review of "Aftershock"

Aftershock has brought on renewed calls for a film classification system in China. A mother recently left the theater with her 3 year-old. The child did not understand the movie but because the mother was in tears and others around her were crying, so scared the child to cry also. My parents have brought primary school children but during the earthquake scenes, they hide their eyes. In the aftermath, there are many bodies, some mutilated, naked bodies, causing them to cry. After the Beijing premiere, actress Xu Fan said she would not bring her daughter to see the film saying she is too young, it is not suitable.

Parents have brought children to the film as it is educational and historical but the earthquake scenes are too cruel and disturbing and cause younger children anxiety. Theater staff have warned parents with children under eight to be careful. Some viewers also think the film is not suitable for children: The tragic disaster scene is not good for the child's mental development. After all, some adults cannot even accept it. Also, there are intimate love scenes in the film. In Hong Kong, Aftershock is classified IIA, unsuitable for children.  (Xinhua)

FBA: Kidnapper (綁匪) (Singapore) (6/10) From the director of Rule #1
Kidnapper is that rare thing in Singaporean cinema - a crime thriller that actually works as a genre movie.

"Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen" has released a group of photos of its main shooting scenes.

Detective Dee

CRI: Extended Trailer for 'Detective Dee' Reveals Intricate Story

FBA: Asian trio line up for Venice competition
AP: Woo joins cast of Chinese propaganda blockbuster

Singer Sun Nan plays a dance teacher in High School Musical

Another look at the Donnie Yen action figure
On sale tomorrow for HK$980

Zhang Ziyi - Shanghai

Kobe Bryant

Zhang Ziyi was honored as a World Expo volunteer ambassador at a charity show for volunteers. The Expo cosponsored the Kobe Bryant Charity Walk. Kobe also donated autographhed copies of his new book.
Kobe's flight was delayed due to weather and Zhang Ziyi and Tan Jin performed a song, 'The Price of Love', to the audience's delight.

Yao Ming
Jay Chou and Yao Ming in Taiwan for Yao Ming Foundation Charity Tour 2010 

Jay Chou

Show Luo
Celebrity teammates included Jam Hsiao and Show Luo who played against the Shanghai Sharks

Jing Tian

CRI: Introducing the 'Belle Boss' Jing Tian

SG: Jolin Tsai hit by another wave of criticism
SG: Vicki Zhao: It will be a pity if I don't perform
"I do not wish to waste my talent; it will be a pity if I don't perform. And I think that women should earn their own keep to prove their worth."
When asked about her daughter, Vicki said that she is in Singapore and like herself, her daughter has big eyes. She added that she still hasn't got used to being called 'mom'.
SG: Carina Lau cheating on Tony Leung?
SG: Jay Chou has no qualms about retiring

HKStandard: Tour guide accused of crying crocodile tears by callers

From Danwei:


Glenn, kenixfan said...

I bet they could have saved money on those Shu Qi musical numbers if they had just edited in her musical numbers from Blood Brothers? Would anyone notice the difference? That sounds a bit cynical...

dleedlee said...

Maybe, like John Woo, every Hong Kong director's dream is to direct a musical?

Anyway, I missed/passed on Blood Brothers. :D