Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tsui Hark Tries Out 3D in Dragon Flying A

Actress Charlie Young has been invited to star in the test film which is about the lives of urban women.

Charlie Young may not appear in the finished film.

The film is called Dragon Fly/Dragon Flying A and in an interview Charlie Young said Tsui Hark lured her into making by the film by telling her, Charlie, you want to be a director, take this opportunity to learn how to make a 3D film. Charlie said she eavesdropped on the director to learn how and understand why Tsui Hark see things from different angles. Charlie Young: He can come up with things most people cannot think of, Tsui Hark has a very bold and wide imagination...Making 3D movies place a very high demand and precision on actors. Everyone has to have a good sense of space to present the best 3D effect to the audience. Walk a little ahead or behind, faster or slower creates a different dimension and tension. I think the 3D movie makes me feel very strange. Shooting a dining scene: If shooting in regular 2D, it may be filmed from two angles at the same time. But for 3D only one angle can be shot at a time. This makes the process very slow. And when there are four actors, even if the action is just simple food delivery taking into account four different emotions and motion is very complex...After every shot, I want to put on the 3D glasses to look at the monitor to the 3D effect..

On her directing debut, Christmas Rose: Christmas Rose is about hope. I had written a book and columns before. I wanted to connect directly with the audience by film. I took the book/script to the Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum. They asked me many strange questions but I could answer them. Finally producer Oxide Pang said that I should direct it myself...Wong Kar-Wai, Jacob Cheung and Tsui Hark have encouraged me. Actually, I began writing the script during Cannes publicity tour for Ashes of Time (Redux?). I was embarrassed to tell Wong Kar-Wai that I was writing a script. He recommended that I study people, that each character's personality and background were different. Whenever I ran into Wong Kar-Wai during the publicity tour, he was concerned about the progress of my script.

On producer Oxide Pang: He is a good producer, he helps me solve my issues with funding so that I can concentrate on writing the script and communication with the actors. After each draft, he would make comments and make suggestions for changes. As for the cast, I would like both Tsui Hark and Jacob Cheung to perform as they are both very good actors. (Sina), 2

Charlie Young

Charlie Young and Tsui Hark

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