Monday, May 10, 2010

5.10.2010 - News

Newest poster for horror film Illusion Apartment, opens June 4.

Anger at Australian film's 'whitewash' of war hero
A film about an Australian-Chinese war hero in which the lead role is played by a white actor has provoked anger in Australia at the "whitewashing" of the nation's history.

Asia's moviemakers bullish for Cannes

Variety: Yellow Sheep River (Taiwan)
More filmed coffee-table book than documentary, Liu Soung's "Yellow Sheep River" sports postcard-perfect imagery aplenty but reveals little about life in western China's Gansu province.

CRI: A TV version of Feng Xiaogang's 2003 film "Cell Phone" will hit China's small screen
The biggest attraction is to see Chen Daoming, one of the best actors in China, and Wang Zhiwen, another acting veteran, perform in the same drama.

Feng Xiogang's 2003 movie "Cell Phone" was the most popular and successful domestic film of that year. It was adapted from a novel of the same name, which tells the story of two successful men whose marriages are wrecked when their wives uncover their extra-marital affairs through traces left on their cell phones

Huang Bo clutching Best Actor prize for Cow at Beijing Student Film Festival
Best Actress was awarded to Tao Hong for Death Dowry 
Huang Xiaoming walked away with prize for Most Popular Actor
He wore sunglasses due to an eye injury on the set of Zhao's Orphan
Wilson Yip won the Most Popular Director's award for the second year running, sharing it with Teddy Chen for Bodyguards and Assassins

(May 8) Zhao Wei, who won the award for Most Popular Actress for the third time, called in by phone to thank the students. Earlier last week, Zhao Wei filed an extension to obtain her graduate degree a second time. She had not completed her final project -- her directorial debut film. Last year, Zhao Wei filed her first extension because she was working on Mulan. Huayi Brothers' The Message won Best Picture prize from the students. Wang Quan-an won the Best Director award for Apart Together. New awards this year, The Robbers won Best Comedy and The Founding of a Republic was awarded for Outstanding Contribution. (Xinhua), (Sina)

Huo Siyan
Huo Siyan, Zhang Jiarui collected the Jury Prize for Distant Thunder (Secrets of the Past), shared with Bodyguards and Assassins.

Zhao Wei - Singapore

First public appearance since giving birth, Zhao Wei attended an exhibition for Kim Robinson, hair stylist to the stars. Zhao Wei would not take any interviews. (Xinhua)

Michelle Yeoh at mobile phone event

Pan Yueming, Dong Jie

Li Xiaolu
(May 7, Beijing) (Sina)

Sun Haiying attacks Feng Xiaogang


Anonymous said...

re: Andy Lau vs salted duck seller dispute resolved

This sounds like a great premise for a movie. Except that the 60-year old duck seller would have a young, beautiful, daughter (Angelbaby) who wins the heart of the misunderstood, slightly aging Cantopop singer/movie star (Andy Lau Tak-Wah). After the wedding they decide to keep the shop name and the epilogue shows their grown-up son, named Lui De Hua III, singing the theme song in front of the family store. Preferably played by Jay Chou.

dleedlee said...

I LOVE your story! Hmmm, who should play the duck seller? Sam Hui, of course! (Remember Chicken and Duck Talk?)

Shu Qi would make a good daughter. But since we need a mainland tie-in, maybe Zhang Jingchu? ;D