Monday, May 17, 2010

5.17.2010 - News

Two new posters for Jiang Wen's Let the Bullets Fly unveiled at Cannes for pre-sales while film is still in post-production. 
This one is the 'male' version with action, violence and blood.

'Female' version with actors' profiles is sexy, mysterious against woman's silhouette.

(May 16) Beijing - 3D poster of Don Quixote breaks Guinness record for world's largest 3D poster

Poster cost over 1,000,000 yuan and takes up 535 square meters

Legend of the Fist

Legend of the Fist launched its official web site and is laying out preview publicity at Cannes.  (Sina)

Ann Hui released a poster, stills and a trailer for her new film All About Love at Cannes. The film is based on a real-life story. Though filming completed two months ago, post-production has not finished yet. An August Hong Kong release is planned. (Sina)

Guangdong New Weekly posted this netizen-created Iron Man 2 vs Ip Man 2 mashup
to Wilson Yip's micro-blog.

Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen has surely offended many with his narcissism.

The Andy Lau-produced The Gallants will premiere in Beijing May 31 with a June 4 national release. Of particular interest, it was announced that The Gallants would be released in its original Cantonese in Guangzhou and other southern regions to meet the changing needs of the general audience. To reflect authenthic Hong Kong style and evoke nostalgia for the '70s and '80s martial arts era, the Mandarin language was sacrificed. (HunanTV), (Sina)

Kelly Chen 

Kelly Chen promoted her brand of mooncakes at the Shanghai World Expo. This is her fourth year representing Maxim Group.

Young Nicholas and Patrick Tse (Xinhua)

Cecilia Cheung going for 8!
Nicholas Tse names newborn son Quintus

Giant painting of Brother Sharp

Now with his own blog!

CRI: Zhang Ziyi Visits Quake Victim
Elsewhere, it was reported that Zhang Ziyi committed to pay for all of the victim's future college fees. (Xinhua)


Glenn, kenixfan said...

I'm digging those posters for the Jiang Wen flick.

I think I'm officially a bit sick of Donnie but Shu Qi in a period piece -- again! -- does make me a tiny bit interested.

dleedlee said...

Me too, I'm sooo tired of covering Donnie Yen but I feel obligated. Wish he'd take a break from filmmaking. Or at least take different a role.

Anonymous said...

A different role... hmmm... how about The Legend of Donnie Yen. ;p

BTW, love that Ipron Man 2 mashup!

dleedlee said...

A different role... hmmm... how about The Legend of Donnie Yen. ;p

Exactly. Aaaaarrrgh! ;D