Monday, May 24, 2010

Midnight MicroNews #2

Not all is lightness and fun, Charlene Choi has been making a series of posts this weekend about an unidentified sick relative [update: her grandfather]:

Hate hospitals! Hate that smell! Hate that cold light! Hate that he can only helplessly watch a loved one in bed ..... fear will happen with all ....

Wish, while the wind blows, the son wants his parents not wait! Regret not having a day with his beloved people say 'I love you'! Regret not having more than a day to see if they do not care for them .... sorry ...... love to action! Do not just think with our heads! Hope that future action should love with someone you love! Tomorrow morning Jiugen say you love I love you!

Live for 27 years, 1st genuine feel sad ... sad ... lonely at nights ... help ... to see their loved one suffering ... only to discover their own people can do nothing ... is too vague and less fragile ... I can only silently chanting ... hope God will hear me and I wish everyone prayer ... I also believe that there is hope for this world ...

It seems Chapman is an avid photographer. 
Chapman To was cleaning up his computer and found these old pictures.
Chapman To and wife Crystal Tin

Photo of Sandra Ng by Chapman To

Wing Shya complimented him on this photo of his wife

Also Crystal Tin Yue-Lai

Ex - Gillian Chung, William Chan Wai-Ting

Pace Wu with the ever popular Hao Bao corndog! 
Actually, just showing her Expo sourvenirs. ;D

Angelica Lee has been busy preparing to launch her clothing brand Cacac

Angelica Lee and baby daughter


Anonymous said...

Nice photos by Chapman To. That one of his wife is really cool!

dleedlee said...

It certainly changes my impression of him. Turns out, he's also an avid cook in the kitchen from what I can gather.

Quite a turnabout from a few years back when he was almost blackballed for being a bit mouthy, if I recall correctly. Or maybe, that's when he decided to go into producing?