Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Li Feier's Red Carpet Accident

Li Feier (Chongqing Blues) gives new meaning to Closing Ceremony. Her tube top dress slipped and exposed her transparent 'safety tape'. Li Feier quickly covered up but was greatlly embarassed.

Li Feier (Li Fei-er)



...and recovered


ewaffle said...

"Wardrobe malfunction"?

Probably but not in the Janet Jackson Superbowl meaning. If nothing else these images show how pulled together, strapped in and generally produced everything and everyone involved in the public face of big celeb events are.

Also, of course, these images will show up on at least one billion web sites whose owners won't haveheard of Li Feier before they stumbled upon the pictures.

dleedlee said...

I feel kind of bad for her, being a newcomer and all. Not like she's a mega-star who could use being taken down a notch. Could I be thinking of FBB? ;D

Well at least, it's not on the scale of Sophie Marceau's infamous red carpet breast flashing. She seemed to take it in stride and with humor, however. Or as Randy Jackson would say, 'Dawg, you made it your own!'