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5.27.2010 - News

Shu Qi

Liu Ye, Shu Qi (Xinhua)
A ceremony marking the official start of the shooting of the film "Beautiful Life" (Mei Li Ren Sheng) was held in Beijing on Wednesday. Director Andrew Lau, 38th Golden Horse best actor Liu Ye, and 42nd Golden Horse best actress Fanny Shu [Qi] attended the event. (Sina)
Liu Ye learned to play the guitar for Beautiful Life (Sina)

The comedy film "Flirting Scholar 2", helmed by Hong Kong director Lee Lik-Chi and featuring actors Huang Xiaoming and Zhang Jingchu, will open on July 9th.
The upcoming cartoon is adapted from Chow's 2008 sci-fi comedy of the same name. The characters and the setting of the new movie remain the same as the original, although the story is new.
Hong Kong director Toe Yuen, who previously directed the popular comedy "McDull", is helming the project.
Welcome to Shamatown

Lin Chi-Ling (Sina)

Shama is a fictional place in northwestern China. Legend has it robbers hide many treasures there. To improve the life of the villagers, Tang Gaopeng, the town head, decides to promote Shama as a robber-themed resort. He collects some old items from the villagers and takes them to an antique TV show. To his surprise, the show does not attract any tourists; however it does attract a group of illegal dealers.

Joey Wang
Rumors are heating up that Joey Wang will make a comeback appearance in Wilson Yip's new Chinese Ghost Story. Elsewhere, it's been reported that Liu Yifei is not suitable for the lead because her image is too pure and not seductive enough for the role. (Xinhua), 2

Gong Li, Chow Yun-Fat - Shanghai (Sina)

Michelle Yeoh promotes road safety in the Phillipines


Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Cubs-Dodger game. Though he has thrown out first balls before, he didn't fare any better this time either. Jackie claimed a dislocated arm due to martial arts injuries. (Xinhua)

Michelle Reis at a Shanghai brand appearance

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