Friday, May 7, 2010

5.7.2010 - News

The martial arts comedy The Gallants opens in Hong Kong and the mainland June 4. It is produced by Andy Lau as part of his new directors program. Stars include Chen Kwun-Tai, Teddy Robin, Michale Chan Wai-Man and Bruce Liang Siu-Lung.

Hidden in plain sight
‘Pinoy Sunday’ will most likely not be playing at a theater near you because its subject is Taiwan’s migrant workers — a topic most cinemas think will be of little interest to mainstream audiences.
WSJ: 2010 Cannes Film Festival: Asian Films Come on Strong
Gong Li, John Cusack in Shanghai

Chow Yun-Fat, underworld godfather, resembling a mature version of his Hui Man-Keung character in The Bund (Xinhua)

Dream Home vomit bag (Sina)

Zhang Yimou will begin shooting 13 Women of Jinling (Nanjing) in October. Besides a 15 year-old newcomer from Nanjing Foreign Language School, a Hollywood actress is expected to be cast. 13 Women is based on an internet novel about 13 sex workers who volunteer to replace university students as 'comfort women' for the Japanese in 1937. (Sina)

Vivian Hsu

Launch ceremony (Source)
Vivian Hsu has begun filming 'Juliet' in Taiwan. She plays a woman with polio who enters into a taboo relationship with a younger man played by Wang Po-Chieh. Hou Chi-Jan directs. (Sina), 2


ewaffle said...

13 Women is based on an internet novel about 13 sex workers who volunteer to replace university students as 'comfort women' for the Japanese in 1937.

Based solely on that very brief synopsis, "13 Women" could rank with
Lilja 4-Ever, Requiem for a Dream and The Damned in a list of the most depressing movies ever. In other words a movie that is so good that it is difficult to watch without sticking your head in the oven

Tough competition but "Comfort women, 1937" says a lot.

duriandave said...

I really want to see Pinoy Sunday. Hope it makes the festival rounds over here. I find it absolutely ridiculous and sad that the filmmaker was compelled (forced) to make a Taiwanese dub. It seems that the whole issue of Filipina and Indonesian domestic workers (both in Taiwan and HK) is one that Chinese would rather just overlook. But when I'm in HK and I see those ladies doing the shopping, taking the kids to school, and escorting grandma to dim sum, I find it a situation that's just begging for a documentary.

BTW, what's with Gong Li's feathered hair in the Shanghai pics? Seems a little dodgy to me! ;p

dleedlee said...

Ed - City of Life and Death is somewhat similar but not a complete downer. Though, I can't say I'm going to watch it again anytime soon. Maybe Zhang Yimou is trying to earn his street cred back.

Dave - I thought of you immediately when I read the subject of Pinoy Sunday.

Hadn't noticed Gong Li's hair, but yeah, it does look a bit anachronistic.