Friday, May 21, 2010

5.21.2010 - News

Two concept posters for Felix Chong and Alan Mak's The Lost Bladesman were released at Cannes. The character for 'righteousness' is seen on the blade.

THR: Shanghai festival unveils line-up
In keeping with past years, SIFF programmers appear again to have had trouble attracting major world premiere titles to the event, which falls right on the heels of the Cannes Film Festival in France.
Hong Kong Chinese director John Woo will lead the SIFF's main jury, which also includes Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung,
Organizers promised China's A-list movie-world regulars would walk the event's red carpet -- from actresses such as Fan Bingbing and Yu Nan to directors Chen Kaige, Feng Xiaogang and 2010 Cannes competitor Wang Xiaoshuai.
THR: HK producer to revisit 'Sex' in 3D
Sex and Zen redux

  • Stereoscopic 3D has lured veteran producer and screenwriter Stephen Siu to return to filmmaking, with a reinvention of his 1991 Chinese erotic classic “Sex and Zen," and an upcoming 3D film adaptation of the beloved Ming dynasty Chinese fantasy “The Investiture of the Gods” ("Fengshen Yanyi").
  • “Local Category III erotica had been in decline since the proliferation of the Internet; confined by the ratings systems, Category III films could not compete with the material available online for free,” Siu told The Hollywood Reporter. “But 3-D and IMAX versions are a different story, the audience has to go into the cinema to get the full experience. The realistic rendering of the environment and the action makes it perfect for genres that appeal to the senses. 3D has turned Category III erotica from a dead genre to a possible genre.”
New comedy from Raymond Yip Wai-Man

The story takes place in the period before Spring Festival Eve when China's national railway system is overloaded with people rushing back home. It is extremely hard for many people to get a ticket back, let alone a comfortable seat.
Wang Baoqiang stars as a dairy worker who loses his job before Spring Festival, while Xu Zheng plays a businessman who's in trouble with his wife and mistress.
The two characters meet while travelling to their hometown to spend Spring Festival with relatives. Funny things happen between the two men and with the people they encounter on their way home.

Ocean Heaven (Ocean Paradise) web launch event
Director Xue Xiaolu, Wen Zhang, Guei Lun-Mei

Wen Zhang

Guei Lun-Mei
Fan Bingbing - Zhao's Orphan

Back from Cannes, on the set of Zhao's Orphan, Fan Bingbing carries her own umbrella!

Pretend Couple, a comedy, launched in Yunnan
Huang Bo (Cow), Jiang Yiyan (City of Life and Death)
This is Jiang Yiyan's first try at comedy

Gallants advert on side of bus

Co-director Derek Kwok

Qin Hao (Chongqing Blues) in front of Spring Fever poster

Qin Hao went to Paris to visit the set of Lou Ye's film 'Bitch'. By chance, his film 'Spring Fever' is currently screening. (Sina)

Sammi Cheng

Sammi Cheng appeared on Taiwan radio program to share her experience with depression

Edison was in Beijing for a brand event stopped for a photo session

Ole Scheeren, Maggie Cheung breakup rumors dispelled when the couple was seen at a public event together yesterday.

Jaycee with Glove
This is the coolest gift ever sent by my dad

Ken Lo fired by Chan's wife

Pics of the Day - from random micro-blogs

Vivian Hsu in Japan to record her album

Stephen Fung's Mother's Day post

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