Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5.25.2010 - News

Welcome to Shamatown poster features Sun Honglei



Variety: I Wish I Knew
Treasurable images from Chinese cinema and moving personal histories from the people of Shanghai lend potent human and aesthetic dimensions to "I Wish I Knew," Jia Zhangke's lengthy survey of the city's eventful past and ever-changing present. http://hkmdb.com/news/?p=5514

CRI: 'Chongqing Blues' Set for June 8 Release
CRI: "If You Are the One 2" to Be Shot in Sanya
The sequel's story continues from "If You Are the One" (2008). Renowned Chinese mainland actor Ge You and Hong Kong actress Fanny Shu [Qi] will co-star the new film as they did in the previous one. [Elsewhere, Shu Qi has said she would not participate due to a schedule conflict with filming Andrew Lau's Beautiful Life.]

Wind Blast poster unveiled (Sina)

A two and a half hour rough cut edit has been completed. Of the four, Wu Jing's character is that of  'speed king', Ni Dahong is the sharpshooter, Zhang Li and Duan Yihong are strength and wisdom, respectively.  Xia Yu and Francis Ng are slated to appear at the next press conference. (Xinhua), (HunanTV)

Eric Tsang has been filming Seven Little Lohans, a Chinese version of Home Alone, at the Shaolin Temple. Actually, there are eighteen little martial artists. Each one has a different personality and shortcoming which plays into the comedy. The movie will be released this summer.

CRI: Jackie Chan and the Karate Kid
Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith attended "The Karate Kid" screening in Miami, Florida on Monday.

Cecilia's mother (Sina)

Lucas and grandma, Ceci's mother - 2008 (Xinhua)

Hong Kong media claimed Deborah is preventing Cecilia from meeting her Chinese-British mother due to the Cheungs' complicated background.

This year, she will take her [mother] on a two-week cruise vacation in Northern Europe. For that, Mrs Leon Lai is expected to miss out on engagements which could have brought in an estimated income amounting to a seven-figure sum.


Anonymous said...

Waitaminute, are you saying that Shu Qi's English name is---Fanny?

dleedlee said...

It is written in the blogosphere that she was credited as Fanny Hsu in Viva Erotic and Love is Not a Game But a Joke, possibly others. But I'm too lazy to pull out my vcd/dvd at the moment.

In truth, I rarely see it these days except on mainland news site like crienglish or other simular ones. I first noticed it around 2007 looking back at my old news posts.