Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chongqing Blues - Cannes Press Conference

(May 13)

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing, Wang Xiaoshuai

Fan Bingbing with PUH (Personal Umbrella Holder)

Li Fei-Er, Zi Yi

This morning the press conference was held for the film Rizhao Chongqing(Chongqing Blues) presented today in Competition. The director Wang Xiaoshuai and four of his actors, Fan Bingbing, Qing Hao, Zi Yi and Li Feier, answered questions from journalists. Chosen extracts.

A symbolic drama about the loss of values as seen by Wang Xiaoshuai
“A very important point which remains hidden in the film is the feeling of value. Because in a context of rapid economic growth, we have lost values. This is shown through the character of the father: he is seeking to know his son, to rediscover his values, but he’s lost him forever.”

Fan Bingbing in a more ‘natural’ role
“This role is very different from those I’ve interpreted before. Here I witness the fight between the police officer and the young man. The father wants to get closer to the only person who has seen what happened, I wanted to be that person. It’s the first time I’ve worked with Wang Xiaoshuai. He taught me to simplify: in this role I’m very simple and natural.”

Wang Xiaoshuai’s attachment for the town of Chongqing
“Chongqing is a town that has been placed under direct administration since 1997.It has developed very fast. Like New York or Shanghai, there are loads of skyscrapers, but in the course of this development, many poorer layers of the population have appeared. I really like Chongqing, I think I will shoot other films there. »

(Sina), (Cannes)

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