Sunday, May 23, 2010

Midnight MicroNews #1

MicroNews, i.e., very little news. Just an outlet for stuff garnered from the micro-blog world.

Jaycee Chan is offering free downloads of his new album Luan and related MVs here.

Karen Mok's got milk

Got legs, too

Louis Fan's got durian

Charlene Choi is in Guangdong shooting photos for a new album cover. 
This is a self-portrait.

Pace Wu posted this and remembered how she used to eat at McDonald's after school every day.
Her childhood dream was to be McDonald's big sister. 

Pace Wu

Alan Mak and daughter Alanna

Let's rock the night!
Stylist, Sammi Cheng, Denise Ho
Gigi Leung celebrates the completion of her album, and also sends greetings to Charlie Yeung for her birthday today.

Timmy Hung's light saber?


Timmy Hung
TMI, Timmy: Stomach pain all morning, go to the bathroom 20 times . help ah

Ekin Cheng's online game, Chinese Hero


Anonymous said...

I'm really loving these. A nice change from the usual fashion spread and paparazzi view of the stars.

dleedlee said...

Thanks, Dave. To the extent it's possible, I always like to peek behind the curtain but I have to admit it's really addicting. I'm going to have to try and reign myself in. ;D

The whole micro-blogging craze has really blown up. I read today that TVB denied banning their artistes from blogging. Though, they are probably really unhappy about losing control of their crafted 'image'.

On the other hand, uber-boss Mani Fok encouraged Gillian and Charlene to micro-blog. Charlene just started hers this week under pressure from Gillian.

Lot's of food/meal pictures! :D