Friday, May 28, 2010

Character Posters For "Laugh Journey", Web Site Launch Event

Costume martical arts comedy (lit. Hee Travel) is ultra-realistic and Postmodern take on Journey to the West and Dragon Inn, directed by Billy Chung Siu-Hung opens July, originally scheduled during Spring Festival. Xu Zheng lead the cast as the Tang Monk that includes Huang Yi, Cherrie Ying, Wang Zi (of Lollipops), Xie Na (as Pigsy) and others.
Xie Na

Wang Zi (Chiu Sheng-Yi)

Cherrie Ying

Sun Xing, Du Haitao
Chiu Yicheng, Ri Vega (Li Weijia)
Huang Yi

Xu Zheng

He Jiong

Director Billy Chung

Huang Yi

Sun Xing (Sun Hsing)

Wang Zi

Rong Xiang (Yung Cheung)

Chiu Yi-Cheng, Huang Yi, Chiu Sheng-Yi (Wang Zi)
(May 26) Web site launch event (Sina)

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