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5.14.2010 - News

Variety: Chongqing Blues
An irreparable father-son bond triggers a study in bleak cityscapes and pervasive intergenerational malaise in “Chongqing Blues.” Initially as glum as its title would suggest, Wang Xiaoshuai’s poignant if plodding ninth feature — which follows an absentee father trying to glean information about the dead son he never knew — eventually opens up with a handful of quietly affecting moments, but elsewhere bogs down in psychodramatic flashbacks that ultimately sentimentalize as much as they clarify.
A strong performance by Wang Xueqi as the father provides emotional ballast but fails to make up for the glacial pacing of the drama; and although there are some effective emotional tugs and an evocative use of the film’s dirty industrial city setting, the audience’s investment in the slowbuild structure is never paid back in full.

Li Lingyu, Zi Yi Cannes red carpet

Fan Bingbing in dress from Elie Saab for film's premiere (Sina), 2

He Yumeng
Be sure to check out ewaffle's take on the premiere's red carpet.

Tasty, full of black humour, but finally upended by the mannerist games it plays so ably, erotic thrillerThe Housemaid is a smart but shallow remake of Kim Ki-young’s cult 1960 Korean movie of the same name.
THR: The Housemaid
Bottom Line: An operatic, sensuous social satire that dares to be different from the original classic.

Sandcastle marks a quietly assured debut feature from writer/director Boo Junfeng. The blending of guilty family secrets and the ghosts of Singapore’s recent past create an involving narrative that is related with tenderhearted understatement.
A young mother understandably wants to get off a remote island filled with violent and misogynistic miscreants and slave-driving old hags in "Bedevilled," a confused genre hodgepodge that marks the feature debut of Kim Ki-duk's former assistant director Jang Cheol-soo. Part limpid study of city-country contrasts, part one-sickle-kills-all revenge fantasy, Jang's film drifts from one genre to another without ever fully coming into its own.
‘Taipei Exchanges’ juxtaposes capitalism against a more idealistic way of life in the form of two sisters, one practical, the other utopian.

Eight films and two TV dramas in the works
First up for Chan himself is the martial arts film "Drunken Master 1945." Though neither a remake nor sequel to Chan's 1978 hit "Drunken Master," the new film is intended to capture the martial arts spirit that the earlier film also celebrated.
Beginning in August, Steve Woo will direct "The Break-Up Artist," a Chinese Mandarin-language romantic comedy about a young woman who runs an agency that helps couples break up.

Ken Lo, William Duen Wai-Lun sacked with little compensation; Xinhua2

Zhao Benshan as a river pirate in "Laughter of the Water Margins"
Director is Chu Yen-Ping (TreasureHunter)

Ning Hao's No Man's Land too dark?
Former Olympic diver Tian Liang has joined the cast of Andrew Lau's love story Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life stars Shu Qi, Liu Ye (file photo)

CRI: Tsui Hark's 3-D Animation "Animen" to Hit Cinemas on Children's Day, (Sina)
Opening in China, Europe and US simultaneously [update: This is actually a film by someone with a name similar to Tsui Hark's ]

Rumor Mill:  Previously, Edko announced that Tsui Hark would remake a 3D version of New Dragon Inn. No cast has been announced yet. Earlier rumors has Gui Lun-Mei and Ethan Ruan as Tsui Hark's favorite candidates. A current rumor from an 'insider' on the micro-blogosphere has Jet Li, Li Yuchun and Zhou Xun in the new love triangle with filming to begin in September. (HunanTV)

Taipei Times: Pop Stop - Mother's Day

Huang Yi and her cat

Practicing her piano (Photos from micro-blog)


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Jet Li in the new Dragon Gate Inn! I'd love that, although Zhou Xun is a little young for him, and Li Yuchun is *really* too young for him. But I'd love to see Li Lin-Kit in an old-school wuxia pian again--watching him on screen practicing his fast and graceful martial arts is always a joy.

dleedlee said...

From the article, it says Cecilia Cheung was Tsui Hark's choice when he originally conceived of remaking New Dragon Inn. Makes sense, as Ceci is 'Little Brigitte Lin'. Before Jet Li's manager Jimmy Choi was murdered, Jet was considering the role, though I can't see him as the tortured lover. Zhou Xun and Li Yuchun's peeps are making noncommittal replies to inquiries.

Anonymous said...

Jet was pretty good in The Warlords and actually did have sex with a woman (offscreen) so maybe he could pull it off. But I would have a hard time believing two young babes would fight over him, cute as he still is in his middle age.

Wonder if Donnie Yen would reprise his role as the evil eunuch?

dleedlee said...

Wonder if Donnie Yen would reprise his role as the evil eunuch?

Tsui Hark can't afford him anymore. :d

1minutefilmreview said...

Cool news and pics!