Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Pictures From Micro-blogs

Due to popular request (okay, one duriandave) odds and ends sampled from various micro-blogs.

First, Hong Kong stars in the studio this month working on their albums.

Karen Mok


Gigi Leung in shorts

Shawn Yue - I thought this one was really nice

Shawn Yue working, chillaxin

Shawn Yue picking out gear for upcoming CD publicty tour
Shawn Yue's dog wearing the Cone of Shame Hilarity

In case the other two didn't like a real dog

Gordon Chan's avatar!

Huang Yi and her cat

at17 at Disneyland

I think this is Gigi Leung's label too

From Wing Shya
Daniel Wu

Conroy Chan, I think

Louis Fan Siu-Wong

Karen Mok taking the classic toilet shot

Gigi Leung looks hot

Teresa Mo

Fantastic Water Babes

Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung, Jeff Lau

Promoting Albert Yeung's real estate developement

Backstage at April Twins concert

Chapman To at Udine presenting Le Comedie Humaine
I'm just an actor, of course, no power to change the world, but I hope I can bring happiness to give to all ...... at least 90 minutes. Hopefully, the audience watched in Italy, "Human Comedy", after all happy, all loves!


Anonymous said...

Wow... thanks Dennis!

Cool pics. I especially like the one of at17. :D

ewaffle said...

Some delightful pictures and many thanks for posting them. A picture of Karen Mok is proof of the possibility of a benevolent god.

Are they difficult to access? I haven't been able to find the portal on for them although when faced with a page of Chinese text and a few pictures I get defeated pretty readily.

dleedlee said...

Ed, it's quite simple.

Notice that almost all the pics are stamped with I even, inadvertently, signed up and created my own blog. Not that I plan on posting but I was trying to find a way to read more pages.

Using Chrome makes it very easy. Still trying to figure out a few things but it's all quite addicting. :D