Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5.26.2010 - News

Gallants poster

Veteran co-star Chen Kuan-Tai (Chan Koon-Tai)

Chen Kuan-Tai
(photos and poster from Derek Kwok's micro-blog)

The cast has not been decided yet, according to Yip, who told reporters not to trust unauthorized sources. Previous reports have claimed that stars Yu Shaoqun and Liu Yifei were selected as the leading actor and actress.
CRI: Michelle Yeoh to Voice "Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom"
Michelle Yeoh will voice the soothsayer in the film, while Jean-Claude Van Damme will be Master Croc, and Master Thundering Rhino will be dubbed by Victor Garber.

Huang Yi apologizes to fans, and admits that she is/was married. Response was very brief.  Articles also mention that the marriage lasted one day but does not explain or provide any details. (Sina), (Xinhua)

Senior media practitioner Stephen Siu sent Hong Kong media into a frenzy recently when he claimed that there was once a transsexual who emerged as one of the top three in the Miss Hong Kong pageant.

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