Saturday, May 22, 2010

5.22.2010 - News

Feng Xiaogang released the international editon of the poster for Aftershock (After Shock).
The film marks the inaugural effort of the Huayi Brothers-IMAX distribution partnership.

Jiang Wen, Carina Lau, Feng Xiaogang
Presales of Let the Bullets Fly at Cannes has been good with 11 countries having picked it up in 3 days.

Lam Suet is currently filming The Jade and the Pearl in the grasslands outside of Beijing

I don't know who the actor on the left is.

Anthony Wong, Kara Hui and Irene Wan Pik-Ha attended a charity event for needy students. Wong who began studying calligraphy six months ago donated a work for fundraising. He avoided comparisons to the talented Andy Lau. Kara Hui contributed custom-made jewelry from the US and Wan gave an abstract painting by her husband. Celebs such as Simon Yam, Chow Yun-Fat, Eric Tsang, Andy Lau and Ekin Cheng donated autographed photos inscribed with, "Care for other's children as one's own."

Anthony Wong

Kara Hui

Irene Wan Pik-Ha

Fan Bingbing, still at Cannes, at the annual amfAR dinner

Host Harvey Weinstein (Xinhua)

Leo Ku is promoting his upcoming 3D concert in Las Vegas on the 29th


duriandave said...

Leo Ku is promoting his upcoming 3D concert in Las Vegas on the 29th
Um... aren't concerts naturally 3D?

dleedlee said...

The saying, Sell the sizzle, not the steak, comes to mind. :D

beyondasiaphilia said...

Lam Suet in period dress--weird. Kind of like Kirk Douglas in Spartacus, imho.

dleedlee said...

Lam Suet's costume seems to be a strange mix of styles.