Saturday, May 8, 2010

5.8.2010 - News

First poster for You Deserve To Be Single
Mike He and Ruby Lin star

Old-school kung fu and an uncomplicated plot make for largely effective entertainment in Ip Man 2, the latest box office success for martial arts star Donnie Yen.

Qin Hailu in Steel Piano (or Steel Guitar)[The Piano in a Factory]

Reports of death premature 
Simon Yam and wife, Qi Qi (May 6)

A false rumor spread on the internet that Simon Yam died in a Shanghai hospital after being found on a sofa unconscious due to alcohol intoxication. The rumor is a copy of a December 2003 news report of a famous blues artist's sudden death. Simon's name was substituted in the fake message that was posted. In an interview with a reporter from Guangzhou Daily, Simon said that the internet was a great thing but it should not be used for such silly things sometimes. When asked if he would pursue legal means, Simon said it would be difficult to locate the culprit. He would count on the media to help him out. What would he tell the person? Simon: He shouldn't write about friends. I hope he is healthy. He should think about if his friends wrote about him. According to the Sina report, Simon was on a airplane flight from Beijing to Fuzhou and unreachable causing much anxiety among family and friends who tried to reach him. Qi Qi was very angry at the rumors. (cri) (Xinhua) (Sina), 2

Fan Bingbing in series of photos for a sunglass brand


Edison Chen is featured in the current Taiwan edition of Esquire


Anonymous said...

That clip about pen spinning is pretty cool. Much cooler than the pencil fighting that was popular when I was in elementary school, the sole object of which was to break the opponents pencil. ;p

Love the bit with the supportive mom complaining about how much her son spends on pens for the sport while he looks down sheepishly. He probably bought one of those specialized, non-writing pens from Thailand!

(BTW, something happened to link, but I was able to dig out the URL.)

dleedlee said...

Thanks, I've fixed the link.

I never saw pen spinning before until I saw my niece idly doing it one day and was intrigued, actually amazed. I could not figure it out by myself. I can't juggle balls, either. :(

Competition grade pens! LOL!!!