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6.1.2010 - News

Illusion Apartment

Illusion Apartment" tells a story about the devil which lurks in people's hearts. Considering the impact of horror films on youngsters, there will be a warning sign on the posters displayed in cinemas; however they will not be restricted to see the film.

Jackie promoting Karate Kid

Jackie, Jaden Smith appearing on Good Morning, Dallas

CRI: "The Karate Kid" Premieres in Dallas
LATimes: 'Karate Kid' update breaks down some Chinese walls

Action packed trailer for Wind Blast  (Thanks, Valerie)

Global Times: Everything's an act, from Cannes to the coming-out young actor
Chongqing Blues' publicist said that the film was "Wang's first attempt at commercial films" while Wang insisted on his "artistic director" status.

WSJ: Cannes 2010: Young Director from Singapore Builds a ‘Sandcastle’

CRI: "North Latitude 31 Degrees Videotapes" Premieres on June 11
The Chinese horror-adventure film "North Latitude 31 Degrees Videotapes," directed by A Gan and is based on a mysterious tape he purchased.
The producer refused to unveil if there is indeed a wild man recorded on the tapes.

May 30 - Feng Xiaogang and wife, Xu Fan, at web site launch event for After Shock

Co-star Zhang Guoqiang

Du Yuhang (To Yu-Hang) promotes Legend is Born at a press conference. The actor has studied Wing Chun for eight years and co-star Louis Fan Siu-Wong has spent the past year learning it, so the film promises authentic Wing Chun.The film opens just as the World Cup begins at the end of June. (Sina)

Teresa Mo

Teresa Mo made an uncompenstated endorsement for a health product brand. She was grateful when the brand chairman Dr Helen Chan treated Teresa's daughter after she came down with the swine flu last year.(Sina)

31 year-old Karena Lam is reportedly preparing to return to show business. After spending the past few years studying in Canada, Karena has indicated an interest and willingness to accept suitable scripts. She will attend the Shanghai promotion of Don Quixote in which she appears. (Xinhua)

Joan Lin Feng-Chiao

Jaycee Chan and mom

Jaycee Chan

Jaycee's mom Lin Feng-Chiao made a surprise appearance at an album release event. Jaycee recently posted childhood pictures on his blog in advance of Children's Day, June 1, that will also be included in his album. (Xinhua), (Sina)

Huang Yi

As a child, Huang Yi was very energetic, later she was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Once, in primary school, Huang Yi came home but was locked out without a key. Hovering by the gate she figured out a solution, Huang Yi climbed up an outdoor gas pipe to the third floor to jump into the apartment!  "It was a great feeling!" The young girl had a lot of courage but Huang Yi once did something that was really worried the whole family. She lived in Shanghai with her grandmother while her parents worked in Beijing at a primary school. During summer vacation, Huang Yi decided to visit her parents. She bought a sleeper ticket and took a 12-hour train ride to Beijing. Because her parents didn't know she was coming, Huang Yi arrived at the train station and didn't know what to do next. She found a kindly grandfather at the station and explained her situation. The grandfather took the little girl home and fed her then helped her find her parents the next day. (Xinhua)

Sister Lee Ka-Ming, Michelle Reis

Michelle Reis's elder sister reportedly married in a low-key ceremony. She is said to be 5 months pregnant. The groom is a 43 year-old optics mogul introduced by Michelle. (Xinhua)

Lisa S flashes her ring in Taipei appearance (May 28)

Pretty in pink

Bai Ling (Xinhua)

(May 31) Carina Lau appearing for luggage brand


Angie Chiu (1973, 3rd runner up) and other former Miss Hong Kong
contestants visit Sichuan for post-earthquake reconstruction fund raising. 

Monica Chan (Miss Hong Kong, 1989)

Zhang Ziyi spent Children's Day in Sichuan and renewed her commitment to raising funds for earthquake reconstruction.

Zhang Ziyi visits an orphanage in Deyang, Sichuan

Lin Peng visited autistic children in Beijing on behalf of Jackie Chan's Charitable Foundation while Jackie is in the US promoting The Karate Kid.
The annual Huading Awards were held in Beijing on Saturday, May 29, 2010. The Awards recognize Chinese celebrities' public images and social influences based on a jury panel's decisions and results of nationwide polls. Honored celebrities are from the film, television, opera, pop music and broadcasting fields.

Zhou Xun was later spotted dining with Doze Niu Cheng-Tse (Monga) leading to reports that she will star in his next film which he is currently planning in Beijing. (Xinhua)

Despite an earlier donation controversy that almost damaged Zhang Ziyi's reputation, the actress was listed among the Top 10 Chinese Celebrities with the Best Public Images announced by the Huading Awards on Saturday.

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