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7.5.2010 - News

Revealing documentary on the hardly-known "China Film King," Russian-Jewish businessman Benjamin Brodsky...Next up for rediscovery: Chinese-American director-cum-restaurateur Esther Eng?

Newsweek: Remaking Hollywood Hits for Asian Audiences

AP: Feng revisits deadly 1976 quake in 'Aftershock'
FBA: Aftershock to be China's next great leap forward
Aftershock, the new film by Feng Xiaogang seems on course to break one record even before the first audience member files in. The film is to receive the widest theatrical release in modern Chinese history.
FBA: Golden Horse introduces new director award

Lu Chuan
Lu Chuan confirmed Chow Yun-Fat will appear in his 'King's Feast' (previously, Banquet at Hongmen, in Chinese) as rumored back here on (3.27). Chow will play Liu Bang, First Emperor of the Han Dynasty. Filming will begin in October with a 2011 Chinese National Day (Oct.1) release target. (Sina)
CRI: "The King's Feast" to Start Shooting
Renowned Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-fat has confirmed he will act in the role of ancient peasant leader Liu Bang.

CRI: More Than 70 Stars Join in "The 1911 Revolution"
Sun Honglei, Sun Chun and actress Jiang Wenli will respectively play the roles of revolutionary leader Huang Xing, Warlord Yuan Shikai and Honorary President of the People's Republic of China Soong Ching-ling.

New film from director Wang Quan'an (Tuya's Marriage, Apart Together).

The upcoming basketball film "Amazing" will be produced by the Shanghai Film Group Corporation (SFGC) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) and will begin shooting this August, the Oriental Morning Post reports.
A handful of Asian actors will get the chance to play with those great players for the project. Actors who may appear in the film include Jay Chou, Daniel Wu, Wu Chun, Peter Ho, Han Geng, Huang Xiaoming, Shawn Yue, Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao and Nicholas Tse.

Acclaimed director Peter Chan will be directing a re-telling of Chang Cheh's classic, One-Armed Swordsman, but he will not be allowed to use the same title as he was not able to acquire the rights to the original.
The rights to the original movie was acquired by Celestial Pictures and the company had an agreement with Peter's long-time partner, Teddy Chan. Due to a fall-out earlier, Peter will be flying solo and has decided to do a re-telling of One-Armed Swordsman.

"Stephen wanted to film it in a more comic-book fashion, which was different from what we intended."
"The Green Hornet has a fixed structure to it, like how Green Hornet and Kato are buddies and will work together to fight villains. This part of the story cannot be changed but Stephen wanted something different, so he had to leave."

The trailer has revealed splendid visual effects and many innovative ideas. The explosion scenes, which usually dominate Benny Chan's films, will take the audience's breath away in this film by blowing up more than 30 different vehicles including cars, trucks and even buses. The budget for explosions has been added up to more than 70 million yuan (US$10 million).

Unusual Love
The film tells a story of love and hatred, which takes place in the wilderness of Yinchuan during the 1920s. In order to pirate the treasure successfully, the advisor of Escort (Yu Dongjiang) sets a trap to provoke the chieftain of Escort (Vincent Chiao) and his wife (Miao Pu) against each other. Eventually, it evolves into warfare between them in the wilderness.

Tien Niu
Tien Niu was in Shanghai to promote her TV series a Chinese version of The Devil Wears Prada. She would not rule out working with ex-husband Alex Man if given the opportunity. Alex Man returned to show business and will appear on stage in a production of Faust. Tien Niu also said she would not encourage their daughter to enter show business even though she recently made her television debut.

Tien Niu

Arthur Wong, Liu Yifei
Liu Yifei sent a late night bottle of wine to DP Arthur Wong Ngak-Tai for his birthday on the set of Chinese Ghost Story in Shanghai. (Xinhua)

In Suzhou to promote Lost Bladesman
Donnie Yen denied rumors his fee was 22 million yuan for the film
Donnie Yen does retro, sporting the Village People look

Leaving his imprint (Xinhua)

Guei Lun-Mei - recent photo shoot


Chang Han
Chang Han (Chang Chen's brother) in a recent photo shoot in Hong Kong

Gigi Leung - Cat Woman

Wing Shya is shooting cover for Gigi Leung's new CD 'Pa Jimo Cat' (lit. afraid to be alone)

Edison Chen


Edison Chen in Taipei for a book signing denied recent rumors of a break up with Vincy Yeung. Vincy has not been seen by his side at recent events leading to the rumors. Edison was also recently seen clubbing with a new 18 year-old girl. (Xinhua)
A recent drop in Huayi stock price has caused Li Bingbing's shares to drop over 10 million yuan.

Sammi Cheng Taipei concert

Dikembe Mutombo, Zhang Ziyi  - South Africa

Global Times: The return of Faye Wong, her September issue and cover girl wars
Jet Li drew up will a decade ago
The action star also took the opportunity to reiterate that he is not retiring from the movies and said that he would "continue to do films" as long as it did not interfere with his running of his charity, One Foundation.
US authorities seize websites over pirated movies

SG: Treasure trove of vintage Arab film posters hidden in Beirut
Helicopter crashes into Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor, crew, 11 passengers rescued


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