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7.8.2010 - News

THR: Confab to demystify 3D for China filmmakers
FBA: China and Taiwan crack open film markets
Taiwan currently maintains a specific cap on the number of mainland Chinese movies (that are not co-productions) that can be imported each year. It has been set at 10 but until last year the quota had not been filled. This cap will now presumably be abolished, or made more flexible and then removed.
Clara Law's confused, unengaging trifle about an ABC and his "dream girl" is beautifully shot but not much more.

CRI: Jiang Wen's 'Bullets' Set for Dec. 16
"Let the Bullets Fly", an all-star Chinese gangster film directed by Jiang Wen, will hit domestic cinemas on December 16, its investor Ma Ke has announced.

Jiang Wu, Liao Fan at yesterday's trailer release event for Let the Bullets Fly

CRI: 'The Haunting Lover' to Open at the End of July
The romantic horror film "The Haunting Lover" starring Li Xiaolu and Vanness Wu will hit Chinese mainland cinemas at the end of this month.
The film is inspired by an urban legend from Singapore that prevailed in Southeast Asia during the 1930s. A young man (Vanness Wu) suddenly disappears, and his girlfriend (Li Xiaolu) is found dead in her bathtub. The police investigation turns vain, and the man and his girlfriend seem to both appear again 10 years later.
Li Xiaolu - The Haunting Lover

Stills from the Chinese adventure film "Unusual Love" starring Vincent Chiao and Miao Pu. It's a love-hate story which takes place in the western China desert during the 1920's. The film opened July 2nd.
Unusual Love

Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and Sun Li will join the film again, and mainland actor Huang Xiaoming will replace Chen Kun to play the male lead, Wang Sheng and his son Wang Ying.
The Dreams of Jinsha' has been previewed before select audiences where it received praises that will help it compete with "Avatar," the world's most successful film ever made.

Toy Story 3 - Lau Ching-Wan voiced for the Pixar cartoon along with Dicky Cheung and Joey Yung. Lau rooted for Brazil in the World Cup.

Mutant villain Collin Chou - City Under Siege

Shu Qi, Collin Chou (Xinhua-slide show)
Carl Ng Kar-Lok
Carl Ng is said to be confirmed to play Brother Sharp in Deng Jian-Guo's Legend of Brother Sharp. Less reliably, Shu Qi and Lin Chi-Ling have been mentioned as possible cast members. Shu Qi would play Brother Sharp's ex-wife who died in an auto accident and caused his grief and confusion that led to his wanderings. Lin Chi-Ling would play a sympathetic woman he meets later that helps him with his problems. Besides Carl Ng, the other additional actors and crew names being thrown out seem to be the result of pitch meetings. (Sina), 2

Gillian Chung
While promoting Fantastic Water Babes in Guangzhou, director Jeff Lau urged support for Gillian prompting Gillian to weep. Said Lau, "She is just an ordinary girl. It's not easy to stand up, I hope you give her this opportunity." In response Gillian said, "The greatest achievement making this film is to know Jeff Lau. He is my 'ba-ba'(father). Growing up in a single-parent family, I now know paternal love." (Sina)

Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jingchu, Richie Jen
Huang Xiaoming complained, jokingly(?), that director Lee Lik-Chi deleted his scenes. Allegedly, Huang made similar remarks about his role in Ip Man 2.
Guangzhou promotion for Flirting Scholar 2 (Sina)

8-Mo: Rika, Hazel, Hidy and Vibeke
The 8-Mo girls reacting to Anthony Wong, "Society has different voices but it's not right to make personal attacks. He should go to church, learn how to respect people, not make personal attacks. We accept the views of different people but he does not, does he?" Would they be embarrassed if they ran into Wong? They would not object to meeting him. Praising his standing, Rika said, "We would use our strength to look after ourselves. He just does not understand us." (Sina) [Just a sample of the back and forth in the ongoing Book Fair Ban Affair.]
Louis Koo

Jolin Tsai, Show Luo

Huang Xiaoming
A beverage brand shot a series of adverts using the theme of Journey to the West.

Andy Lau

Andy Lau has been polling fans in order to gauge his popularity and book an appropriate venue for a Hong Kong concert in December. Andy hasn't held a Hong Kong concert in 3 years and is concerned about fan fallout due to his marriage.

Gaile Lok played down divorce rumors at a recent Hong Kong appearance.

A Chinese company is suing Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung for 41 million yuan (S$8.3 million), after claiming that her involvement in a 2008 sex photo scandal caused them to lose a fortune
This is not the first time Cheung had clashed with the company. She has apparently had a number of legal scuffles with the firm over contract issues and copyright infringement between 2005 and 2009. 

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