Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cast Photos From Simon Yam-Francis Ng Thriller

Midnight Pulse/Midnight Heartbeat cast stills released.

Simon Yam

Francis Ng

Li Nian

Yao Di

Liu Yuxing

Yang Yu-Yu



Anonymous said...

Simon Yam looks fairly realistic as a doctor--Francis, not so much. The perky nurse/starlets are somewhat unconvincing, too--didn't they just get banned at the HK book fair?

dleedlee said...

Well, these are promotional stills hence the smiles. To be fair, the mainland actresses tend to have actual actor's training from one of the academic institutions, unlike their Hong Kong counterparts. The competition is fierce to stand out, nary a pageant winner among them. :D

Whenever I look up the bios of new names for inclusion in HKMDB, I'm constantly impressed by their training and background.