Friday, July 2, 2010

Chinese Ghost Story - Beijing Press Conference

Hong Kong director Wilson Yip and members of the cast and crew of the film held a press conference in Beijing to promote the shooting of the film.
Compared to earlier versions of the film, Yip said his movie would incorporate contemporary elements that he believes are more suitable for modern-day society. Although 3-D technology is popular in the current film market, Yip said he would not use it in his film.

Louis Koo

Liu Yifei

Yu Shaoqun

Kara Hui

Kara Hui, Louis Fan Siu-Wong

Gong Xinliang will play a sexy demoness

Liu Yifei

Wang Danyi Li debut

Li Jing, Xu Jinjiang
Louis Koo, Wilson Yip, Liu Yifei, Yu Shaoqun, Gong Xinliang

Liu Yifei said she had never seen the old version of Chinese Ghost Story, "I asked the director to see it, but the director said no. He felt it would be to leave the role to my imagination without seeing it."

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