Friday, July 2, 2010

World Cup - Photo of the Day


Aaiya, Brazil was given the boot and eliminated by Netherlands this morning. Brazil opened up strong, first with a disallowed offsides goal then following shortly with another one that counted. But the men in Orange come back with vigor in the second half and scored twice to take the lead. Perhaps in desperation or frustration, one of the Brazilians got red carded, looking like he pulled an Albert Haynesworth - stepping on a downed opponent. This left the Brazilians with only ten men and effectively stifling any more offense afterwards. From the second half on, it must be said, the Dutch looked the more deserving team judging from their play. Brazil and its fans, just looked stunned.

Uruguay - Ghana

In the second match of the day, Ghana looked to be more dominating in the first half and scored a sweet long distance goal during injury time just befor the end of the half. Uruguay scored a tieing goal early in the second half.  Uruguay continued attacking and missed several good opportunities. Tied after 90 minutes regulation time, back and forth the two teams fought into the next 30 minutes. Then with time about to expire during the added stoppage time, a corner kick by Ghana caromed to-and-fro ending in a 'Pen-nal, Pen-nal, Pen-nal-ty!' against Uruguay for a hand foul in front of the goal mouth setting up a penalty kick. But even more dramatically, in the ensuing penalty kick, Ghana misses the game winning goal striking the crossbar! Incredible!
On to the shoot out, Uruguay shooting first, goal for goal...2-2, 3-2, Ghana is stopped on its 3rd attempt...Uruguay misses its next...Ghana stopped, again...still 3-2...fifth frame, a slow motion juke - Goooool - and match 1-1 (4-2)! Wow, what a finish. 
So Brazil is out, but Uruguay moves on.

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