Monday, May 3, 2010

5.3.2010 - News

Screen Daily: Dream Home
Social commentary and the slasher genre make for interesting bedfellows in Dream Home, director Pang Ho-cheung’s blood-spattered look at the excesses of the Hong Kong housing market.

Tang Wei and Teresa Teng (inset)

Tang Wei in Teresa Teng biography?
Taiwan media reports that Ang Lee has a reached an agreement to film singer Teresa Teng's biography. May 8th marks the 15th anniversary of the iconic singer's death in Thailand from an asthma attack. It is reported that co-investors and the Teng family has signed a formal schedule and Tang Wei has been 'locked', meeting the approval of the family. But Tang Wei's agent declares that they have not been in contact with the Teng family. In addition, Ang Lee is preparing to start filming The Life of Pi in the fall but the investor has indicated a willingness to meet the director's schedule. (Xinhua), (Nownews)
CRI: Tang Wei to Play Teresa Teng '

Charlene Choi does not rule out working with ex-hubby in future
CRI: Zhou Xun Promotes Low-Carbon Living
Elva Hsiao admits to eyelid procedure


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Tang Wei will be working with Ang Lee again. She might need to learn to show off her pearly whites a little more though.

dleedlee said...

I hope this project comes through, too. The CRI article had a more positive slant while the Chinese articles seemed to add a little doubt. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...