Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5.4.2010 - News

Illusion Apartment posters

Illusion Apartment is directed by Hong Kong's Cheung Kwok-Kuen. The film is described as a Japanese or Korean-styled horror film and opens in the mainland on June 4.  (Sina)

THR: Rob Minkoff sets sail for 'China Odyssey'
Variety: Minkoff to helm 'Chinese Odyssey'
Director set for 3D action-adventure
Rob Minkoff is attached to direct "Chinese Odyssey," a 3D English-language action-adventure his newly formed shingle is producing in partnership with China Film Group and Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV.
Film is intended to play in the U.S. and at the foreign B.O.
Minkoff ("The Lion King," "The Forbidden Kingdom") founded Tiger 62 Media with Pietro Ventani. The production company has offices in L.A., Singapore and Beijing.
"Chinese Odyssey" will be shot in China. China Film Group and Galloping Horse Film are providing financing.
CRI: "The Karate Kid" Releases New Poster
CRI: 'Du Lala' on TV
Following the box-office success of Xu Jinglei's romantic film "Go Lala Go!”, a TV version will soon hit China's small screens.

Aaron Kwok at tennis charity fundraiser for Qinghai earthquake relief
Chingmy Yau (file photo)
Sexy goddess Chingmy Yau who will turn 42 this month is reportedly three months pregnant. Already the mother of two daughters, aged 8 and 5 years old, she is hoping to deliver a son for her husband, Shen Jiawei, a fashion retailer and Chairman and CEO of IT brand. She was spotted at Ocean Park a few days ago with her daughter and trying very hard not to be recognized.

Chingmy Yau at Ocean Park (Xinhua)

Recent photos of Joey Wang posted by a netizen in Canada

CRI: Wild Liu Ye on 'Esquire' Cover
Andy Lau is Shu Qi's Prince Charming
When she was asked to pick a female artiste whom she idolized, Shu Qi shared, "The goddess in my heart would be Gong Li and Maggie Cheung. After watching their shows from the past to the present, they are perfect in their dressing, appearance, way of doing things and attitude towards life. They are very attractive and I should learn from them."
“I am just a normal pathetic person. It was the Internet that rescued me from the streets and I am grateful to the netizens who had lent their helping hand.
“I do not know anything about fashion and don’t understand why people said I am fashionable,” he said.


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Brother Sharp: "I am just a normal pathetic person. It was the Internet that rescued me from the street..."

LOL... are we all normal, pathetic persons seeking salvation from the Internet?!

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Say, Hallelujah!

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