Thursday, July 1, 2010

1000th Post !!!

Believe it or not, a milestone (or is it millstone?) of sorts has been reached. Since Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver launched as a 'temporary' site all the way back on 8.29,2009,  999 posts have preceded this one.  Okay, maybe I should have commemorated post #888 but I really wasn't watching the odometer! To all the loyal readers, occasional lurkers and random passersby, thank you for choosing to spend a little of your time here. Hopefully, you found something of interest and this little exercise wasn't all for naught, it's been fun for me.

[Update] I forgot to share a few random nuggets of trivia. A few of the more popular posts have been:

  • The post on Tina Ti Na's death
  • A True Legends 3D page with posters has been consistently attracting readers
  • A post featuring photos from a sexy scene from To Live and Die in Mongkok (I'm thinking the netizens landing here were disappointed and looking for something entirely different! ;-}
  • The first Brother Sharp post is another popular page
  • A Future X-Cops page with posters has been a steady eyeball draw
  • No surprise, Angelababy and Chrissie Chau are both popular search targets :D 
  • Just noticed,  a couple posts on Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting has skyrocketed with readers - really surprising!

I can't predict whether there will be another 1,000 (or even 888) more posts down the road or not, life being full of vicissitudes, so let's mark this one. I suppose, I should leave you with something movie-related. But this song seems just about right, to me. Enjoy!

 [As Rep. Joe Wilson might say, I lie! Here's another Evergreen that's apropos. Double-Enjoy! :D ]

 And if you'll indulge me, again: 飲杯 (yam bui) ! :D

Now, back to regular programming...


duriandave said...

Congratulations! :D

And many thanks for all your hard work feeding the masses of gossip-hungry Chinese movie fans.

dleedlee said...

I'm feeding myself and my appetite is huge, apparently!

beyondasiaphilia said...

Gung Hay! Thanks for enabling our addictions--

dleedlee said...

Thanks, V!

In the foggy haze of too much champagne this morning, I forgot to include some info/trivia garnered from my google-analytics account. Now, rectified. :D

duriandave said...

I get some traffic because of Tina Ti, usually somebody looking for nude pictures!

The search that drew the most traffic to my blog was for Christy Yow -- once again, for nude pictures. On my Google Analytics graph, the spikes looked disturbingly like erections. :o

dleedlee said...

I get some traffic because of Tina Ti, usually somebody looking for nude pictures!

I think 50 pct of my page views must be in search of nudes ! Oh, wait, those my stats... :D