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7.1.2010 - News

CRI: China's First Mutated-Creature Film Due out Aug. 6 (City Under Siege)
In the film, Aaron Kwok plays a careless man who makes a living performing at a vaudeville theater. While he is performing in Malaysia, he and some of his associates travel into the remote mountains in search of treasure. During their trek they absorb a biochemical gas left behind by the Japanese army during WWII.

Donnie Yen, Felix Chong, Alan Mak (r) receive bronze statue of General Kwan

In the film Yen plays Guan Yunchang, a legendary general of the Shu Kingdom in the novel "The Romance of Three Kingdoms," one of the Four Classical Chinese Novels.
Chan got the idea from the film "One Armed Swordsman," but he decided to create a new story which is more bloody and cruel. Takashi Kaneshiro will costar.

Densely plotted, Shanghai-set spy tale, set around the time of Pearl Harbor, is loaded with meaty production design and performances.
If the characters in East Wind Rain and Shanghai had been real people, they couldn't help but bump into each other. Set at the same time, in the same city (where it conveniently rains at moments of high drama), the two films are the flip-side of the same coin: Shanghai through western eyes, East Wind Rain through Chinese ones.
Echoes of the Rainbow is one of a growing series of films (from Mr.Cinema to the recent (Gallants) in which Hong Kong filmmakers have begun to assert their separate Cantonese identity by looking back at "rosier" times as China gradually hijacks the territory's film industry and future.
Jun Ji-Hyun (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan) at a recent Shanghai brand appearance

Lu Chuan was formally announced as the director of Banquet at Hongmen after rumors had him being possibly replaced by Daniel Lee. The film now as a new Chinese title King's Feast. The film will be a joint venture with Taiwan's Central Motion Picture and a US company besides Mainland participation and is expected to start filming in October. In fact, there are potentially two films to come out of the project, one on the greater epic story and one focusing on just the banquet incident. (Sina), 2 Previously reported on here: (12.12.2009), (3.27.2010)

Gillian's appearance on TV censored
After reigning over the Mandopop scene for a decade there are signs that Jay Chou is coming to the end of his powers.
SG: Cecilia Cheung confirms her return to the silver screen
Gong Li and husband divorce
Rene Liu opens up about scandal
A Taiwanese daily reported that the Taiwan-born beauty was to blame for her singer friend Tarcy Su's break-up with her long-time film director boyfriend Chen Kuo-Fu years ago.

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