Tuesday, September 22, 2009

36 Manoeuvres of Love

Chie Tanaka

Liu Hua

Wu Jing

Director Wu Bing

Wu Bing's birthday was celebrated at the press conference

Chie Tanaka

Wang Xun

Huang Juan

Daniel Chan, Chie Tanaka

36 Manoeuvres of Love is about the romance between Daniel Chan, who comes from a wealthy family, and Chie Tanaka, who works at an advertisement firm. They fall for each other soon after they met. The two represent Guardians of Love.

However, their relationship is challenged by Impediment Quintet, comprising Liu Hua, Sun Xing, Zhou Xiao Ou, Huang Juan and Wang Xun, whose mission is to upset the apple-cart of love, with both sides applying 36 Stratagems on the battlefield of love to outwit the other. Director Wu Bing reveals that there is a 37th Manoeuvre, which is "True love conquers all". (wujing.org)

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