Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Fair Gentleman or Dirt Rich in Shanghai

Poster for My Fair Gentleman aka Dirt Rich in Shanghai (
The John Woo produced comedy features Kelly Lin and Sun Honglei.

Zhao Wei
Chen Kun
Jingle Ma
Beijing - Mulan press conference to launch official website 

Nanjing Massacre movie does not need subtitle to resonate with Toronto audience

After the Venice screening, Cui Jian's segment in Chengdu, I Love You is criticized by some viewers as too stream of consciousness, more like a long version of music video. Cui Jian conveyed a lot of information in the brief span of 35 minutes. As his directorial debut, he said that there was room for improvement to the film including music and special effects and that this was not the final version. (

First mainland film with Taiwan actor casting Chiang Kai-shek to premiere
A mainland film with a Taiwan actor playing the role of Chiang Kai-shek for the first time will premiere in late September.

Korean "Private Eye" conjures fine period detail
Seductive ambience and dapper style hold sway in "Private Eye," a lurid mystery that unearths serial murder, drug racketeering and sexual corruption in turn-of-the-19th-century Korea.

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