Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Robbers, Hu Jun and Jiang Wu

The Robbers - Hu Jun (

Hu Jun, Jiang Wu

Set during the Tang Dynasty, The Robbers tells the story of two robbers' adventures in a seemingly peaceful Bitter Bamboo Village, where they encounter a beautiful woman, a group of soldiers and a village head scheming to kill the duo.Hu Jun will play the arrow-shooting Xue Shisan and Jiang Wu will portray swordsman Chen Liu. (

Daniel Wu (

Sandra Ng and Daniel Wu perform charity work locally

Daniel Wu

Sandra Ng denied that she was pregnant as she is too busy with four film projects and tied up until 2011.

Maggie Q

Maggie Q flying from Hong Kong to Beijing for the premiere of The Wolf and The Warrior.(

I spy: Edison Chen (or, is it Flava Flav?)
Edison spotted in Central yesterday with partner Kevin Poon. It's understood that he is back in Hong Kong to help his music artists, FAMA, and manage his clothing business operations. (

More from Zhang Jingchu's Instyle spread (

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