Friday, September 11, 2009

Donnie Yen
Ip Man 2
Donnie Yen backs away from comments about retirement at 50 (

Zhou Xun
Zhou Xun appeared at a promotion yesterday, reportedly looking very gaunt. Earlier in the week, her recent absences from the public drew speculation that she was pregnant by her new boyfriend Wang Shuo. (

Before the recent media reports of his marriage to Carol, Andy - who was recently dubbed as the "Lying Heavenly King" - had refused to acknowledge her as his partner and the reason behind this was due to threats received from triad members during the 90s.
Andy Lau the "gangster"
Take a look at the numerous movies starring Andy as a small-time gangster, triad kingpin and even as a drug dealer.
'In The Mood For Love' composer Galasso dies in Paris

Ting Ting
Tse Ting Ting
Fall and Winter Fashion Show: Nic's sister, Ting Ting (

Gaile Lok modeling for footwear brand (

Sammi Cheng visited Christian families in Ethiopia for World Vision earlier this year  (

Michael Tse and wife, Tina check out of hospital (
Filial daughter Josie Ho brings pastries to father Stanley Ho, says no rush to discharge him from the hospital (
Michelle Reis in Chengdu
Reis denied reports that she was going to the United States for fertility treatments. Earlier accounts suggested that Reis was going to take a break this fall from working to concentrate on having a baby. Previously, attempts to find a surrogate mother had not succeeded. (

Lin Chi-Ling - in ultra-high boots drove photographers crazy

Taipei - Vogue Fashion's Night Out (

Gaile Lok

Charlene Choi
Modeling for an Italian fashion brand (

Pace Wu

Elizabeth Lee Mei-Fung
Pace Wu joked that she would not travel to Los Angeles to avoid an impulsive marriage


ihk said...

Hi dleedlee,

I couldn't find your e-mail address on the blog decided to write here.

I was very sad hkmdb got down. Luckily you are started this blog here. I heve been following you for a long time. You are doing a great job. Hope you will continue.

I also have a blog in Turkish I mostly write abut Chinese cinema and my friend writes about Asian music.

I would like ask you something. Do you know where can I download or buy oldest Chinese movies Stealing The Roasted Duck and Zhuangzi Tests His Wife.


dleedlee said...

Hi ihk,
First thanks for the kind words.

No print of STEALING exists and I'm not sure about ZHUANGZI either.

Have you seen this interesting article on STEALING?

If you are a fan of early Chinese cinema check out this documentary on DVD, if you haven't already.

ihk said...

Thanks for the links. Really interesting stuff.