Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eman Lam (at17), Chet Lam, Gillian

Sammy (in wig), Gillian, Eman Lam

Gillian, Chet Lam, and Eman Lam appeared with comic Sammy at a promotion together. (Sina.com)

Li Yapeng
Li Yapeng said that he would support his wife Faye Wong's return to music. This amid rumors that family finances are tight and his night club business had closed. (Sina.com)

Faye Wong was spotted in Central meeting with make up artist Zing and stylist Titi Kwan (Sina.com)
Elsewhere, rumors are that Faye Wong will be singing in a concert next month at the Bird's Nest Stadium. Netizens discovered a list of performers including Nic Tse, Lui Fong, Dodo Cheng along with Faye's name. (Sina.com)

Despite not showing up on time, Chinese actress Tang Wei still had lots of fans waiting patiently for her to make an appearance at the opening of the Dior store in ION Orchard.
Tang Wei was the star celebrity who should have brought a touch of glamour to the grand opening of the Dior store at ION Orchard last Friday. However her tardiness in arriving punctually put off more than a few fans at what was an otherwise grand evening.

Felicia Tang

Appeared in Rush Hour 2 and The Fast and The Furious

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