Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scuba instructor and Tse's wife, Tina
Follow up: Tina's stomach cramps were to due to scuba diving on an empty stomach. She laughs at reports of suicide, but won't speak about her husband's alleged carousing at nightclubs. The instructor issued a statement confirming that she was taking her test for her diving certificate. (

Daniel Wu
Daniel Wu plans to marry in two or three years. After watching his sister raise a baby, he will take a year off to help care for baby. Wu has been dating supermodel Lisa S for seven years. Asked if he would get married in Las Vegas, Wu laughed and said too many people got married in Las Vegas and it's no longer fresh, he would find a new place. (

Maggie Cheung
Lin Chi-Ling
Maggie Cheung and Lin Chi-Ling were among the stars in Beijing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a skin care brand ( (CRI)

Father Figure - Jacky Cheung
He may be known across Asia as Cantopop's God of Songs, but don't assume his children have inherited his musical genes.

Bey Logan: Some Little thoughts on Lee (Bruce Lee)

Sam Lee

Sun Honglei
Sun Honglei costars with Kelly Lin in the upcoming comedy Dirt Rich in Shanghai and later in Zhang Yimou's Three Guns. (

Carina Lau charity dinner appearance

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