Friday, September 25, 2009

Prequel of the Monkey King in 3D
China's first 3D movie will be released Sept. 29. Directed by Liang Hansen, this is part of a ten film series on The Monkey King. (

Check out the new hairstyle of Hong Kong pop king Jacky Cheung, who appeared in Singapore on September 24, 2009 to perform at the F1 Rocks Concert. [Looks like something from Snow Wolf Lake!]

Celebrities Zhang Ziyi, Hidetoshi Nakata and Janet Jackson attend the Giorgio Armani Fashion Show.
Of late, nothing seems to be going well for Zhang Ziyi, be it her career, or her much-talked about relationship with Israeli billionaire Vivi Nevo.

Li was in Taiwan for talks on China-Taiwan co-productions. The actor-producer said he hoped to produce a drama inspired by the story of his family, which was divided when the Kuomintang troops fled to Taiwan after they lost the civil war.
The Message" cast members, including Chinese A-list actors Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Zhang Hanyu, Huang Xiaoming and Alec Su, appear in a promotional photo layout in the "BQ Weekly

Hollywood Reporter: Celestial lines up Shaw retrospective

Zhao's three-hour, non-fiction revelation, shot in a remote Chinese town on the border between Yunnan province, Tibet and Myanmar, will have its world premiere at the 47th NYFF on Sunday, Sept. 27.

New "Three Kingdoms", the Most Expensive of All Time
The remake of TV drama "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" sets a record as the most expensive small screen series.

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