Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chinese peasant film to premiere in Venice

In the winter of 1940, peasant Niu Er is unluckily burdened with the task of protecting his village's only Dutch dairy cow, which supplies milk for the wounded Chinese soldiers. Even when all the other villagers are massacred by Japanese troops, Niu Er remains committed to protecting the cow. Loyal Niu Er outsmarts Japanese soldiers, starving refugees who abuse the cow's generous milk-giving, and greedy thugs who even try to slaughter the cow for meat...

Gordon Liu plays Nic Tse's father in Yit Lat Lat ('Spicy Hot'?), a story about troubled youth
Zhao Wei and Jingle Ma
Zhao Wei attended Jingle Ma's press conference in Beijing where he officially signed on with Starlight International Media Group to produce three films including Beijing Raiders and Hua Mulan 2.

Chow Yun-fat: Confucius Bored Me to Death
Taipei Times: Tsai movie set at Louvre to screen at concert hall
The Taiwanese feature film Face, or Visage in French, a production paid for in part by the Louvre Museum in Paris, is scheduled to make its debut at the National Concert Hall in Taipei on Sept. 22.

Season of Good Rain Seoul premiere
Heo Jin-Ho, Guo Yuanyuan, Jung Woo-Sung


beyondasiaphilia said...

That Chow Yun-Fat, such a joker! And pretty good-looking for an old guy ; )

duriandave said...

Hua Mulan 2? Whatever happened to Hua Mulan 1? Did that come out already?

dleedlee said...

Especially nice for those who don't recall his comedic background and only think of his roles as the gunslinger!
Let's continue to forget Dragonball: Revolution, though.

dleedlee said...

It must be in post-production, I'm guessing.

dleedlee said...

Mulan is scheduled for a December/Lunar New Year release.

duriandave said...

Thanks Dennis! Not that I'm really interested in seeing another martial-arts blockbuster. I still haven't watched my copy of Red Cliff 2. I just thought the idea of a sequel was a little funny. Are they going to call it Mulan 2: Return of the Huns? ;p