Monday, September 28, 2009

Spy drama Happy Autumn(?) set in 1949 Guangzhou features Guo Xiaodong and Sun Chun, opens Oct.14. (

Guo Xiaodong

Sun Chun, Guo Xiaodong (

The Message has been on whirlwind media tour around the country. At one enthusiastic meeting with fans Huayi Brothers CEO Wang Zhonglei has promised that if The Message broke $300M at the box office he would release a 3 hour DVD version! The theatrical version runs 122 minutes. According to reports, the footage shot for the Li Bingbing-Huang Xiaoming 'medical checkup' scene is almost equal to that alone. (

Fan Bingbing

Huang Jue

Du Jiayi

Director He Ping
Known for his relationship with actress-director Xu Jinglei, actor Huang Jue has stepped out of his comfort zone to reveal his true colors in the film "The Wheat".
"The Wheat" tells the story of two Qin soldiers fleeing from war and taking refuge in the small town of Zhao, where all of the adult men of the village have gone to war. To survive, the fugitives change their identities into Zhao soldiers who had won the battle against Qin.

Rene Liu, Jacky Cheung

With production moving from Beijing to Shenzhen, Jacky Cheung and Rene Liu were in Shenzhen to promote their upcoming New Year's/Valentine's Day film Hot Summer Day (formerly Yit Lat Lat). The film is a Huayi Brothers and Fox joint venture. The stellar cast will include Nic Tse, Daniel Wu, Barbie Hsu, Vivian Hsu, and Duan Yihong. When Jacky was asked about the difference between Rene and his recent costar Tang Wei (Crossing Hennessy), he replied that Rene was more experienced and Tang Wei needed more time as she was still new. (

Visitors From The Sui Dyansty from director Zhang Yuxin (Teeth of Love) features time travellers in this new comedy.  Trailer (

"The King of Milu Deer", which claims to be China's first animated 3D blockbuster, premiered on Saturday in Beijing.

Chow Yun-Fat 'Dancing with Strangers'
Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-Fat's next film will be a Spanish-American-German-Chinese cooperation, reports.

Huang Xiaolei

Da Zhang Wei

Director Liang Chao

Astroboy opens Oct.23

Astroboy mosaic made of 138,000 recycled subway tickets on display in a Shinjuku department store. (

China picks 'Forever Enthralled' for Oscars

Emperor hires Ivy Ho for marketing
Former HKIFF awards director joins after 15 years in industry

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