Monday, September 7, 2009

Zhang Yimou Presents Turandot Preview

Soprano Song Zuying, Zhang Yimou, Jackie Chan
Fan Bingbing
Zhang Yimou previews his upcoming Turandot at Bird's Nest Stadium
Celebs wish him a successful debut
Zhang Yimou to Make "Turandot" A Visual Feast

Sam, Ricky Hui send condolences out to the bereaved family of a fan who collapsed and later died on the first night of the concert
A watch but ringless Leon Lai
Leon still has not admitted his marriage to Gaile Lok. 
Reporters asked if he and Andy were the 'Lying Kings'?
Shu Qi
Maggie Cheung
Fashion's Night Out, Sept. 11
Vogue fashion industry event to promote consumer confidence

Setting aside her experiences with breastfeeding, the actress admitted that it can be rather perplexing caring for a baby. "I don't know what he is crying over. I have to often guess. You may think he wants to drink water, but he actually wants to sleep. You can only guess from his facial expressions."

Secret Spouses

Three hush-hush celebrity marriages were dug up last weekend after the death of Andy Lau's Malaysian father-in-law turned the spotlight on the Heavenly King's love life. Besides Lau, actor-singers Leon Lai and Miriam Yeung were revealed to have got hitched in Las Vegas. Just who are their secret spouses?

Mongkok Acid Attack
Esprit has ditched supermodels and teen pseudo models - choosing "real beauty" and real people to define the fashion chain store, its regional head says.

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