Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chin Kar-Lok
Hong Kong media is trying to stir up rumors of romance between Chin Kar-Lok and Lee San-San. The two were inseparable while in Chengdu for the charity racing event. They even shared the same floor at the hotel that they stayed in! (

Aaron Kwok
The racing event in Chengdu was marred by several incidents with photographers. Despite security measures, Aaron Kwok's staff spotted photograpers trying to shoot photos in the locker room but they were expelled in time. In addition, a videotaping was discovered but not before some taping was done. The identity of the cameraman was not known. (
Aaron Kwok secretly photographed in changing room

Michelle Yeoh Attends AIDS Fundraiser (CRI)
Actress Michelle Yeoh attended the amfAR and Dignitas Inaugural Cinema against AIDS Toronto held in Toronto on Tuesday.

Sandra Ng's father accidently confirmed at a charity appearance that she is pregnant. (

Rosamund Kwan

Rosamund Kwan attending an annual meeting in Beijing (

Nick Cheung, Albert Yeung

Nick Cheung attended a National Day dinner in Hong Kong last night. He is preparing to shoot the sequel to Dante Lam's Beast Stalker. (

Kelly Chen
Kelly Chen promoting moon cakes for the Mid Autumn Festival displays a special box trio presentend to her that were engraved with her husband and baby Chace's names. (

Jacky Cheung

Jacky Cheung is busy preparing for next year's concert tour. As previously reported, Jacky was hit hard by money losses due to the financial tsunami last year. Some Hong Kong people were compensated for their losses but Jacky was classified as a 'professional investor' and, thus, not eligible for repayments. (

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
Tony Leung got caught by a gust of typhoon wind and ended up looking a bit slovenly. He was dining out with wife Carina Lau and others in Central. (

Maggie Cheung and Stephen Chow reprise the scene from Patrick Swayze's Ghost in All's Well, Ends Up. Later, Karena Lam and Chapman To did the same in Six Strong Guys. (

Faye Wong

Faye with daughter Li Yan
Faye Wong was spotted on a clothing shopping safari with youngest daughter Li Yan. This is the first sighting of Li Yan and she is reportedly very cute with big eyes and resembles her mother. (

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing featured in L'Officiel cover (

Miao Pu

Miao Pu played Nick Cheung's bedridden wife in Beast Stalker and costars in Jay Chou's upcoming Treasure Hunter.

Obsessed fan wants apology for father's suicide.

Mother-daughter Tension Escalates?
Taiwan singer Angela Chang, who is currently being accused by her parents for alleged unfilial treatment towards them, now seems to confront a much direr situation as her mother has hinted the singer may have been taking drugs.

HK celebrities design t-shirts for Sichuan charity drive

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