Saturday, September 12, 2009

Storm Warriors is scheduled for a Dec.17 release, as is Bodyguards and Assassins and Zhang Yimou's Three Guns. (

Leslie Cheung
Fans of Leslie Cheung gathered at a Mongkok hotel to celebrate his birthday, Sept. 12. He would have been 53 this year. ( 300 fans from Malaysia, USA, Japan, Mainland China, Canada and Hong Kong gathered at the Royal Plaza Hotel. (

HK Magazine: Haeundae (South Korea)

Korea Times: 'Earth' Finds Meaning in the Void
In his latest feature film "How to Live on Earth," director Ahn Seul-ki employs the imagination of sci-fi, thriller and comic B-movies to tell a proverbial story about the growing distance between a married couple.

Premiere Ceremony Held for "The Founding of a Republic"

Newsweek: Home Movies
Bodyguards and Assassins represents a new model of Chinese filmmaking. The romantic, action-packed feature, scheduled to be released in December, has 100 percent Chinese financing—half private and half public—and is being shot primarily for a Chinese audience. That means the filmmakers are being real sticklers for detail, down to the period labels on cigarette packs and bottles of rice alcohol.

Chinese documentary on ancient Tang dynasty premieres in UN Photos

Variety: A different way of watching DVDs in Japan
Distrib develops a pay-as-you-watch model

NFL Aims to Reach China Through Unusual Channel
League's Focus Turns to Reality TV Instead of Games

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