Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shanghai - Gillian Chung, Nick Cheung
Gillian Chung and Nick Cheung received awards in a Shanghai ceremony, Gillian for Best Breakthrough Artist  Award, and Nick for Annual Achievement Award. (

Simon Yam
Simon Yam opened a new Alien Invasion attraction at Disneyland for its Halloween Event (

Jan Lam
Jan Lam held a wedding theme show at the Coliseum and made numerous jokes at the expense of Miriam Yeung, Andy Lau, Leon Lai and Gaile Lok. (

Donnie Yen collapsed from exhaustion while in Shanghai filming Ip Man 2. He was hospitalized and released after a few days. Recently, he was seen dining and shopping in Hong Kong with wife Sisi. After finishing Ip Man 2, Donnie is scheduled to work on Andrew Lau's Chen Zhen and next year collaborate with Tony Jaa in a Ringo Lam film. ( (

Brigitte Lin and Chin Han

Brigitte's 13 year-old daughter bears little resemblance to mom

Chin Han's daughter
 The surfacing of Brigitte Lin and Chin Han's daughter has revived the rumors of Brigitte Lin's return to film. (

Mango Wong

Mango Wong has recovered from her illness and back in public after her hospital visit. Nothing to say about Aaron Kwok. (

Li Bingbing

New fashion photos (

Zheng Yi Ke

Anita Mui

Controversial Happy Girl Zeng Yi Ke sports a new Anita Mui hair style. Zeng was notable for her bad singing causing one judge to quit when she was voted to advance. Later, she was accused of plagiarising a song that she supposedly wrote. Here, she is appearing with other Happy Girls at a joint gathering to record a song for the 60th anniversary celebration. Proving the old axiom that any publicity is good publicity. You still remember William Hung don't you? (

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