Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eric Tsang makes a guest appearance in Jay Chou's Pandamen TV series as Jay's father (

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan returned to his ancestral home of Yantai, Shandong Provice to accept the Yantai Image Ambassador award. It coincides with the 3rd Yantai International Wine Festival. Joining him were the New Seven Little Fortunes and son, Jaycee. (

Jumpin' Jacky Cheung, it's a gas, gas, gas...

Amei/Amit, Jacky Cheung at F1 Rocks concert in Singapore

Edison Chen, Hailey C(hen)

Hailey C
While in Hong Kong recently, Edison Chen was spotted on a motorboat cruise with 21 year-old model Hailey C. When asked if he had broken up with Vincy Yeung, Edison replied, 'Look, don''t you see I still wear my sweetheart bracelet?' (

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
More Cross-straits gossip!
Buying Chinese Moon Cakes: A Cultural Experience : Or Remembrance of Moon Cakes Past


duriandave said...

Thanks for the link to the moon cake story! I also found another great article by its author William Wong about the recent centennial celebration in Oakland of Feng Ru, the "Father of Chinese Aviation", who made the first West Coast flight, over the hills of Oakland, in 1909. Once again, I'm learning from you about stuff that's happening in my own backyard!

beyondasiaphilia said...

That panda outfit really suits Eric Tsang somehow.

dleedlee said...

Dave, I got my little mini mooncakes tonight and brought some 'Don Tots' to my parents in exchange. (Well, they're round, too!) I love those heart stopping, artery clogging moonkcakes. They used to magically appear when I was a kid, totally unconnected in my mind to the season. Now I break out the erhu music and gaze wistfully at the full moon.

And thanks for the Feng Ru link, too.

I like the second panda picture with the mother and daughter cowering in the background.