Monday, September 14, 2009

Huang Bo - Film's champion underdog
Over the past decade, mainland actor Huang Bo has acquired a dedicated following in China by portraying apparent low lives. And he has won a cult status for supporting roles in popular comedies, such as "Crazy Stone", "Big Movie" and "Big Movie 2 - Two Stupid Eggs". But it is only recently that he has finally, as he says, "tasted what it feels like being a superstar."

Royston Tan returns to his roots
No more feature films, albeit temporarily. This was what local filmmaker Royston Tan had in mind as he made his return with short film "Little Note".
In the past three years, Tan has produced two consecutive feature films (the getai-inspired "881" and "12 Lotus") which further enhanced his reputation as one of Singapore's top filmmakers, and many wondered whether he would return to his roots - short films.

The Warrior and The Wolf poster

No other Chinese film is like this one. It's a special gift presented by China's film industry to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The film is called "Jian Guo Da Ye" or "The Founding of A Republic".

South Korean sales agent Fine Cut has announced its first deal at the Toronto festival, selling the man-eating boar comedy Chaw to Optimum Releasing for UK.
Strand Releasing has acquired all U.S. rights to Lou Ye's "Spring Fever," which screens at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 17.

Andy Lau reveals 'indecent proposal' by Malaysian Datuk
Andy Lau did not turn up at a Chinese temple in Klang


duriandave said...

I just saw Huang Bo in Crazy Racer on the flight back from Hong Kong. Both he and the movie were pretty awesome. His new film Cow sounds really good. Hmmm... Am I going to have to fly to Hong Kong just to see it? Like you, I've also been dying to see Big Movie. I would think there'd be an English-language market for these films, especially the Crazy series.

beyondasiaphilia said...

re: tracing shadow review. Thanks for the linky! I'm glad to be able to share my sadness with hk movie fans.


dleedlee said...

e: Huang Bo/Crazy Racer
You lucky dog! There's so many mainland films that I want to see that never seem to get subbed DVD releases. It's too bad, too, because it colors people's perception of the current state of Chinese movies.