Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gigi Leung
Gigi Leung opened a Ferragamo shop in Shenzhen. Her name was one that was recently turned up in the Clark County (Las Vegas) online marriage registration site. However, it was not really her, but that didn't stop reporters from asking about her marriage prospects. (Sina.com)

Gigi said that recently she works less in Hong Kong and spends more time in the Mainland. Later, she will be going to Cambodia.

Andy Lau

Three Japanese fans, supporting Andy for 10 years

Fan club
1500 Andy Lau fans gathered to celebrate his 48th birthday. They came from all over: Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Europe, North America. Besides singing for half an hour, he performed belly dancing, magic, opera, dramas, etc. Cameras and cell phones were banned in previous years but this year cell phones were allowed.(Sina.com)

Happy Birthday, Andy Lau!

Michelle Yim (Mai Suet)
Michelle Yim has been working non-stop over the past years not passing up any opportunities. She has spent over HK$10M caring for her boyfriend, Wan Chi-Keung, and other family members. In June, Michelle sold her Kowloon City residence and formed a anti-cancer drug company with Angie Chiu and Melvin Wong.(Sina.com) (In April, Yim was accused by the media of directly pocketing HK$2M raised by Nat Chan and Alan Tam for the benefit of Wan.)

Background: Michelle Yim and Wan Chi Keung have been dating for 26 years. In 1992 Wan Chi Keung was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer. Michelle has always been by his side. This year there were rumors claiming the state of his illness had got worse. Last week there were also reports saying that he had a nose bleed and was taken into hospital. Yesterday a magazine reported that Michelle plans to get married after finishing filming a Mainland series, to grant his wish. The reporter contacted Michelle's assistant on the phone to seek proof about the marriage rumors. (tvbnewsworld.com, 2008)

Huang Yi

Jiang Kai CEO
While Huang Yi was in Shanghai to promote Stubborn Robot (Lit.Stubborn Radish), her newlywed husband was discovered to be Jiang Kai, a hedge fund CEO. When spotted by reporters, he quickly took off. (Xinhuanet.com

Macau's seedy casino war turns to gold

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