Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gong Li
Huang Yi
Gaile Lok at Cova re-opening
Fatter from eating, not pregnant (
Karen Mok
In a radio interview Karen said she is returning to Sichuan at the end of the year to follow up on the progress of redevelopment in the aftermath of last year's earthquake. (
I spy: Patrick Tse and Coco shopping
Bang, bang!
When asked by reporters about Cecilia's widely reported successful second pregnancy, he did not answer (
Vivi Nevo, Tabitha Simmons
With Pam Anderson in past times
Zhang Ziyi's fiancee Vivi Nevo was seen accompanying model Tabitha Simmons several times in New York last month. (
I spy: Shu Qi
Shu Qi was seen acting strangely at home according to media reports. Hong Kong reporters spotted Shu Qi returning home, after a quick bath (!) wrapped in a red towel she was seen walking around aimlessly for ten minutes. After changing into a camisole, she continued pacing back and forth for 30 minutes. According to the article, this illustrates her continued agitation over the marriage of Leon Lai to Gaile Lok. (

Gong Mi
19 year-old Gong Mi visited Hong Kong for the first time and was interviewed on the radio. The purpose was to negotiate contracts with record companies to record. She acknowledged that to come and develop she would need to learn Cantonese. [If I recall correctly, her manager is also Cecilia Cheung's manager.] When asked if she would like to meet Cecilia Cheung, Gong Mi said that she has seen her movies and would quite like to. Would she like to work with Cecilia? It would be up to fate and opportunity. Her idols are Brigitte Lin and Coco Lee. (

Mango Wong speculated to have attempted suicide over Aaron Kwok

In an interview, the model denied her suicide attempts and emphasized that her vomiting was induced by her gastric pains.

Too much sake and Japanese food, according to Mango. (

Andy Lau's rejections offended female Datuk 26 years ago


beyondasiaphilia said...

So much excellent fluff! Pregnancies, rumors of pregnancies, distraught former lovers with gastric pains, Patrick Tse & Coco, even Pamela Lee! You've really outdone yourself. But Gong Mi continues to creep me out---get your own face, girl!

And they should leave poor Shu Qi alone---she probably just had gastric pains.

dleedlee said...

:) Sleaze to Please!

I really felt bad for the Shu Qi story. She seems to have been assigned the role of victim by the press.

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Those shots of Shu Qi are creepy -- borderline stalking IMHO!

I agree with the Gong Mi stuff -- the resemblance is truly disturbing!

dleedlee said...

Borderline!? Of course, Shu Qi could close her curtains.

During her short run in the Happy Girl competition, Gong Mi was accused of plastic surgery to enhance her resemblance to Ceci but it was said that her family was too poor to be able to afford any such procedures. In that respect, Gong Mi seems more a fan of Brigitte Lin than Ceci's.