Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fan Bingbing will turn the table in an adaptation of Three Smiles/Flirting Scholar when she becomes the pursuer instead of the pursued. Guo Degang directs the Lunar New Year comedy.(Sina.com)

Simon Yam makes a pair of shoes for Sandra Ng to promote their new film Echoes of the Rainbow (lit.1969 A Space Odyssey) in which Simon plays a shoemaker. However, he only had time to make one shoe.

Jiang Wenli

Jiang Wenli's Lan is screening in competition at the Pusan International Film Festival. Jiang wrote, directed and produced the film. (cri.cn)
Bottom Line: Dated drama of growing pains during the Cultural Revolution enhanced by superb elderly role.

Hot Summer Days
Chinese romantic comedy is company's first China pic
Set during a summer of record-breaking temperatures, "Days" tells six intertwined stories of love.
Screen Daily: ox, STAR, Huayi Brothers line up China rom-com Hot Summer Days
Huayi Brothers president James Wang said: “Huayi Brothers highly values the partnership with Fox. We admire Fox’s courage and decision in going into a mainstream romantic comedy. With a superb story, high production values and star-studded cast from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hot Summer Days will sure become the hottest movie for the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day period.”

Zhou Xun - The Message

Huang Xiaoming brought his camera on set and acted the paparazzi to help the actors decompress and release suppressed emotions from the tension of the film shoot. Huang, Feng Xiaogang and Zhang Jizhong purchase shares and became majority shareholders in the recent Huayi Brothers IPO. (Sina.com)

Anthony Wong and Michelle Ye in Secrets of Yang Kwai Fai (Sina.com)

According to the company's prospectus, top director Feng Xiaogang holds about 2.88 million shares, or 2.3 percent of the total current shares. Pop star Huang Xiaoming is also an owner, with 1.8 million shares.

The full interview, translated below, touches on the films that China Film Group has produced, and on the investments that Han Sanping has made, good and bad, including Crazy Stone (疯狂的石头) and Mobile (手机), to the hundred million productions such as Red Cliff (赤壁) and Hero (英雄)...

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