Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maggie Cheung To Release Album

Maggie Cheung
Maggie Cheung revealed in interview with The Bund that she is planning on releasing an album. Prior to singing in Clean, she did not have confidence in her singing ability. (

It's also reported that Maggie Cheung turned down an offer to play Ge You's wife in Jiang Wen's Let the Bullets Fly. The primary reason for declining was the difficult shooting location in NE China, but, also, Maggie is not 100 pct ready to return to moviemaking despite offers from many big name directors. (

Maggie in London for Fashion Week

Andy Lau
Andy Lau bowed to apologize to fans at his birthday gathering.(

Sammi Cheng

Gigi Leung

Xu Jiao

Vicky Zhao Wei to marry a Singaporean businessman ?
Vicky Zhao Wei is said to be marrying a Singaporean businessman, known as Marco, at the end of the year. The Shin Min Daily News quoted Hong Kong reports that it was singer Faye Wong who brought the couple together, when she introduced the pair to each other at a night club in Beijing.
Zhao Wei: I will not get married with a Singaporean
Wedding bells for Chinese actress Vicky Zhao Wei
Vicki Zhao to marry Singaporean boyfriend at year's end

Nicholas Tse to stop making music
Nicholas Tse has announced that he will not release future albums and will take a break from singing. The 29-year-old's ten-year contract with Emperor Entertainment Group has just ended.
Nicholas Tse to take a break from music industry

Maria Cordero, Roddy Shaw
TV writer and host Roddy Shaw appeared on Maria's cable cooking show where he talked about his battle with cancer. 20 years ago, he had one-fifth of his tongue removed and, earlier this year, another one-fifth was removed for testing when a recurrence was suspected. Fortunately, all turned out well. (

100¥ and A Sick Bag: A China Eastern Airlines Story
Jet Li received donation for his One Foundation from an air steward in an air sickness bag on flight to Chengdu.


Anonymous said...

Why did Maggie decide to stop making movies again? I can't remember---

And when will Andy Lau get to stop apologizing?

dleedlee said...

Maggie became more selective in choosing roles, then she met Ole
She did shoot Inglorious Basterds for Tarantino - but got cut out in the editing.

From a 2008 TV interview:

I think Andy is afraid of losing his fans' loyalty, so he isn't taking chances.

Andy will have to get in line behind to get his sack cloth and ashes: Gillian, Edison, Tang Wei, et al :)