Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith working on Kung Fu Kids (

Q&A: Lu Chuan - City of Life and Death (Nanjing, Nanjing) (Hollywood Reporter)
I read a script called Black Moon Rising, you know like the song, and it was fantastic. It was written by this young kid from Australia and it's werewolves against vampires. They're all in human form and somewhere in the middle of Australia, there's this bank and these vampires try to rob this bank and the bank is owned by the werewolves (Laughs). It's like a tongue-in-cheek thing, not a serious thing, but it was pretty funny that the bank robbers are vampires and the owner of the bank is a werewolf. There's a human element in it so that's something I might develop a little bit further...

Huang Yi
Huang Yi, though recently rumored to have gotten married, these photos are from the Manfred Wong produced 'Stubborn Radish' costarring Huang Bo. The film is scheduled for an Oct. 23rd release. (

Sun Nan, Liu Zi
Liu Zi
Suspense comedy Copy Cat's Sun Nan plays a Bruce Lee like crusader against music piracy. (

Variety: Weaving Girl review
Chinese helmer Wang Quanan's third feature, "Weaving Girl," takes an unblinking look at the plight of beautiful factory girl Li Li

Director Han Sanping has revealed that a prequel to "The Founding of a Republic" is set to be made and released in 2011.

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